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  1. As I was looking in the mirror I noticed that my hair was needing some major attention. My regular barber was out of town and I had heard about this new guy across the way. So I was like what the hell. So I called for an appointment and he said sure come on in. When I got there I noticed that all the blinds were drawn. It’s a beautiful sunny day why would he do that? As I entered the shop I looked over at him and he was beautiful. He was about 6 foot two, beard, mustache, a chiseled chest, phat bubble butt and a huge package in the front. As he motioned for me to come and sit down I was hoping he would not notice the obvious bulge in the front of my pants begin to grow. I sit down in the chair and just in the nick of time he covered me with the apron. I couldn’t wait for my hand to touch my dick as it was now throbbing as the barber’s crotch was so close to me. We started making small talk and he began cutting my hair. The subject moved to dating and he asked if I was seeing anyone. Of course I wasn’t because women have never been my thing. I just told him no and then he asked me what I did for release. I laughed it off and said well you know they do make porn. We both laughed for a second and I noticed that his crotch was getting bigger. He made about two or three snips and then he said, ‘oh no I forgot my apron’. So he went to the back to get his apron. So right now I’m sitting there with my dick rockhard. I was very embarrassed. He comes back and starts cutting my hair and all the sudden his crotch dives right into my elbow. I froze. He then gets on the other side and then turns to go pick up his scissors and he is butt naked under his apron. He comes back and starts cutting my hair again like nothing was wrong. He said, oh forgive me for that, but those are my good clothes and I have a date after work. So he continues cutting my hair and intentionally bumping into my elbow, my knee, my shoulder and I was about to bust a nut. He noticed the movement under the apron and finally said are you OK? I said yes just getting a little hot in here. That’s when he pulled his apron aside and out flops a 12 inch thick and veiny cock. My instincts automatically took over and I reached out and grabbed it and brought it straight to my mouth. It already had pre-come dripping out of the bulbous head. As I was sucking him like there was no tomorrow he reaches up underneath my apron and finds my flaming hot throbbing dick. I whimper as his hand slowly unzip my pants and unbuckles my belt. Once he freed my dick I slipped my pants on down. as he bent over to take my pants off, his mouth makes contact with my painful cock. It was then he asked if I would like to go to the backroom and finish. I slowly nodded yes as he went and locked the front door. Upon laying me down on the couch in my back, he slowly spread my legs as his 12-inch dick slowly enters inside me. I busted almost immediate and the cum smears between both of our bodies as he’s pounding my ass. I wrap my legs around his body and he gives me two final thrusts and empties his seed deep inside my bowels. As he collapses on top of me catching his breath I was looking at the ceiling so grateful my barber was out of town. Looks like I have a new barber now. By the way, I’m going back tomorrow to get the actual haircut. As I rush home and jump into the bathtub, I had to get this story out of my head, so the other head can finally get some rest too. The End #NewdNation @admin

    • Mmmmmm. That stimulated my body and imagination. I now can’t help but think about how my barber’s crotch would mount my knee and leg…was it a sign that I never took advantage of. Maybe I was naive. However, geat story! Can’t wait to hear/read more about your life experiences!

  2. Hot big fulla!

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