Bigger Than He Thought

Rudy Long would catch anyone by surprise, with his small features you wouldn’t expect him to be hung like a horse. Just as Incubus thought, he was in for a ride. Incubus was both surprised and eager to give Rudy a go, which he did and took it like a pro.

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  1. Love this saw it pornhub before. Gets me hard wet everytime I wat h it.

  2. There was a Pepsi man use to come to my store and not to sound like I’m bosting but I’ve had trouble for long-time wearing pants without a very noticeable lump there. I would often catch him staring at my crotch which that always made matter worse because he was a fucking black Adonis. He was always making little subtle remarks about how good he could suck and take dick. I just shrugged it off cause it was my job and I didn’t need that at work. One day as he was finishing up, I was clocking out. I said well, here’s your chance to back all that bullshit up. He would up coming over. We went to business. I saw the shock in his eyes when I dropped my boxers. He gives me to head for a little bit and by then I was stoked and ready. We were running out of time so he flipped over and I begin gently working my fat dick head inside that little rosebud. It wouldn’t go. So I was getting frustrated. My dick brick. I said, “I hear ya can take dick.” And when I said the word dick, I pushed half of my dick inside him. He tried to run but that headboard was just not gonna let him go. I started working up to speed, pushing more and more inside him. When I came, I filled him to the max. I got up laughing at him because he was low-key crying, no shit. He never bragged no more, but we did get together a couple more time after that. I took that MoFo’ing Pepsi challenge and I won that bitch.

    • Wow. Looks like he got a dose of reality…however, a pleasant one! A virgin hole would go crazy over that d…!

  3. So hot wowsers and I’m set for the rest of the day!

  4. aint it always great when its bigger then you thought it was going to be

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