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We are proud, honored and of course overexcited to have the privilege to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the biggest cum shooters alive here on GayBator! If you have ever been browsing gay porn on the web, chances are that you’ve stumbled upon Hoody Lavaye‘s numerous cumshot videos. Hoody has been so kind to answer a few of our questions. We found a really sweet and cool guy full of life and of course full of sperm! We’ve seen him in a few scenes for FlavaWorks studios at Raw Rods and CocoDorm, but Hoody has so far been most prolific on his Twitter and Tumblr pages. He is opening up to our readers to reveal (or not!) his most juicy secrets. Read on!

Hoody Lavaye Interview

Name: Hoody Lavaye
Age: 30
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Cock size: 20.5 cm (8″)
Position: Versatile
Based in: Virginia, USA
Languages spoken: English
Instagram: hoodylavaye
Tumblr: hoodysplayroom

Hoody Lavaye interview:

GB: Hey Hoody! How’s your day been so far? Any major plans?

Hoody: My day’s been great so far. Just been planning for my travels next month as far as filming for my upcoming website.

GB: Exciting! Well, hum, to be more specific… How many times have you cum today? 🙂

Hoody: I came twice already this morning.

GB: I don’t know why, I’m not surprised you already got to business that early 😉 Let’s watch one of your latest cumshots to show our readers what we’re talking about…

😱😱😱IM COMING IN MY TIGHTY WHITIES😵😵😵😮😱😱😱💦💦💦💦 pic.twitter.com/CZyc0PqCrH


Hoody Lavaye Interview

GB: Now that looks like it felt good! It for sure feels good watching it haha. What do you usually eat for breakfast to shoot that much?

Hoody: For breakfast i usually make french toast with eggs and sausages.

GB: The perfect recipe 😉 Any favorite foods otherwise?

Hoody: My favorite food is actually chicken spaghetti with cheesy garlic bread.

GB: I’m getting hungry now 😀 What about drinks?

Hoody: My favorite beverages are water and cranberry juice.

GB: Sounds so healthy. Well it seems to do you good, as we can witness in the following video.

Lick up every last drop of my new #CUMPILATION vid👅👅👅💦 pic.twitter.com/PI1hvZjoAg


Hoody Lavaye Interview

GB: So what was your first sexual experience ever and how did it go?

Hoody: My first sexual experience was with this older guy. I was only 17 and he had this huge ass donkey dick. Like 11 inches and fucked me so hard not knowing I was a virgin. But I loved every moment of it.

GB: Sounds like you enjoyed your first time. Pretty unusual, lucky you! When did you start making jerk off videos and what brought you to online porn?

Hoody: I started making jerk off videos when i was 22. My boyfriend cheated on me so I posted a video online and the rest is history.

GB: Sorry to say but we’re happy that he cheated on you 😉 When did you discover that your cumshots were, let’s say, more intense than average? 😉

Hoody: Well I shot myself in the eye when I was 12ish and ran to my mom crying. She started busting out laughing because I didn’t know what cum was yet.

GB: Wow. Your mum must be pretty cool. Let’s watch another of your vids, just in case our readers have forgotten what cum is ;D

🙊MY BEST CUMSHOTS #EVER💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦🙊 pic.twitter.com/eg395ocIP4

— HOODY LA’VAYE (@HOODYLAVAYE) February 27, 2018

GB: So what’s your secret to be able to shoot that much cum in a single orgasm? Any advice for the rest of mankind?

Hoody: No secret to be honest when it comes to me cumming. Just pure genetics.

GB: That’s a tough answer hehe. But makes perfect sense. Do you usually save up before you shoot a video or can you just cum several times a day without worrying about the amount?

Hoody Lavaye Interview

Hoody: I accumulate a large amount of cum rapidly so I almost never have to wait till my next ejaculation.

GB: What a lucky man! Do you like the smell and taste of your own cum?

Hoody: Everyone says my cum tastes great and smells fantastic.

GB: Are you trying to tempt me? 😉 Do you enjoy getting covered in other guys’ cum?

Hoody: I love getting facials by other guys.

Hoody Lavaye Interview

GB: We’ve noticed that in some of your scenes! Which one would you say tastes the best? An overexcited cock? A wet gaping asshole? A fresh load of cum? Or another male element?

Hoody: I think wet gaping holes taste the best on my tongue.

GB: And your tongue must feel great down there! So how many times a week do you jerk off and how many times do you play with other guys?

Hoody: I’m not sure about how many times I jerk off a week but I don’t fuck other guys as much as everyone is lead to believe.

GB: It’s good to be picky. And we anyway think you’re at your best playing solo, as in the following video.

2 MINUTES OF MY #CREAMY GOODNESS (PART 2) 💦👅👅😝😭🍆💦🌊☔☔ pic.twitter.com/spGHGHVUvn


GB: What do you like best in a man? Any good advice if we want to turn you on? 😉

Hoody: What turns me on about guys the most is their openness to a lot of freaky shit.

Hoody Lavaye Interview

GB: If you could have sex with someone right now, who would it be?

Hoody: If I could have sex with someone right now it’d definitely be my neighbor lol

GB: Well let’s hope you’re neighbor reads this! Do you have any fantasies or fetishes you’d like to reveal to your fans?

Hoody: I have several fetishes actually. Orgies, watersports and public fucking.

GB: Man that’s so hot. We hope to see you on screen in a public piss orgy soon 😉 Have you ever had sex in public and if so in which context?

Hoody: My first public fuck was in a graveyard to be honest.

GB: No comment hahaha. Can you describe the best sex you’ve ever had?

Hoody Lavaye Interview

Hoody: The best sex I ever had was with this bottom I fucked for 3-4 hours. It was just very intense and raunchy.

GB: How would you describe your personality?

Hoody: If I had to describe my personality it would be very lovable with a very mean side nobody likes.

GB: A very dual man then hehe. We’ve seen that you were soon launching your own website. That’s very exciting! Any info you’d like to share with us about this project?

Hoody: I can’t give anything away about the site just yet but you can signup for a newsletter so you’ll be updated on its launch and everything else at HoodysPlayroom.net

GB: Do you have any other projects you’d like to announce?

Hoody Lavaye Interview

Hoody: I’ll be filming with several people soon so keep your eyes open.

GB: We definitely will. Do people sometimes recognize you on the street and how is it like? Did anything crazy ever happen?

Hoody: Lately a lot of people have been coming up to me and asking for pictures. It’s weird but at the same time I’m flattered.

GB: Cool. So apart from pleasing your fans with hot videos of your juicy dick, what are your main hobbies?

Hoody: Some of my hobbies are writing stories and working out regularly. Lol I’m pretty boring.

Hoody Lavaye Interview

GB: That’s all subjective, writing can be fascinating. And working out is healthy. Are there any places around the world you’d love to visit?

Hoody: If was to go anywhere in the world it would definitely be California. I love it there.

GB: What are your dreams in life?

Hoody: Honestly I’ve fulfilled all my dreams. Right now I’m just rolling with the punches until I check out lol.

GB: Not everyone can say that! Any life advice you’d like to give your fans?

Hoody: My advice to my followers is to always chase after what you believe in despite what anyone has to say… Live with no regrets.

GB: Advice taken. Together with shooting a good cum load once in a while maybe 😀

To see the full 7 MINUTES, click on my PornHub link 😈😈😈 https://t.co/fb3oFcuGNK pic.twitter.com/bj5VKWtuVP


GB: One last question. Are you single?

Hoody: I’m definitely single right now but talking or dating around.

GB: Man… I’m sure many will hope to cross your path! Thank you Hoody for taking the time to answer all our tricky questions. We wish you all the best for the future.

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