The remembrance of importance

There are so many things going on in the world at the moment. Diseases that are evolving to become immune to our drug interventions. Then there are the diseases that simply shut the world down completely. The latter is on the heels of an absolutely devastating hurricane (Dorian) that has ripped infrastructure and broken the psyche of many. With the looming season still days away, we are currently on system number three. The the appearance of each system there is a rise in the level of anxiety. Fears of will the waters once again rise? If they do, will I go with them this time?

It is amazing how the mind works, to be drawn into the story of another speaks to something that is common among us though not always utterable. The power of empathy, or rather the shadow of experience from the perspective of another. In my paradigm there is a great Spirit that is interactive with the whole network of creation, from the grandest occurrence to the minute detail. This Spirit is present and accounted for; ready and able to partner with all for the betterment of the all. When in my heart I become anxious because of plausible death by sickness, storm, police or some other entity, here comes Spirit reminding me that I am not the sum total of the skin I’m in.

Though I identify through and with my melanated skin, I too am irrevocably connected to this great Spirit and hence all of creation. Spirit empowers me to be able to see my value to creation and entrusts me with the free will to act in the best interest of the all (myself included). She grants me insights of the outcomes of my decisions and infuses me with the knowledge of goodness and joy to raise my morale to a new normal always. 

Why mention this you ask? Because I see in my heart with this great Spirit with me, the rise of cultural respect in ways we have not seen before. The rise again of Africa and her children in a way that is not intrusive or domineering to others cultures or nations, but rather that is partnering because there is room enough on the earth for all of us to shine in our uniqueness. What’s that? Why only Africa you say? Well, I feel her call in my bones, but the truth that I know in the all is that the invitation is not just to Africa, governments, cultures and nations…….. but rather the call first begins with us as individuals to see ourselves as ourselves. Sacred, righteous, effective, loved, accepted, worthy, supported, in harmony with nature, in harmony with the divine, and in harmony with humanity (starting with our own self). When we gain mastery over ourselves and wake work towards knowing ourselves truly and wholly, we realize the effortlessness of what is deemed supernatural (a manifestation of true love). May we hear the call for ourselves and take up the challenge to look within and see ourselves for who we are and not what we have been labeled as or identified as.

We are mighty.

We are beautiful.

We are here.

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