Is it appropriate to take young children to pride?

Is it appropriate to take young children to pride?

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  1. I personally don’t think it’s appropriate for young children to be at pride. Yes, it’s a celebration but as we all know some people tend to get a bit risque ( or semi-clothed), or sexual activities. These are not things that children should be exposed to at a early age. I’ve seen too many things at the festivities that are not child friendly.

    Only my opinion, what’s yours?

  2. Well I think it’s ok to take kids to pride to teach them. Everybody not the same. I went to pride this year in Chicago I saw a lady with her 2 daughters. If you dont you dont show them the world and teach them they would see it on tv or someone would teach them and then it could lead up to a bad situation or a good situation.

  3. Alot of people think no because they might be exposed to sex at the pride. Guess what that could happen at the school also or just about anywhere. Even on television shows or movies.

  4. I think its okay if its to the general parade, when I went to Toronto pride I seen so many families at the parade with little ones and they were all having a great time

  5. Personally, I believe that Pride should be exposed to a younger audience. What people fail to realize is that pride is more than dicks and ass parading in public. It’s a celebration of equality, diversity, love, sexuality, and unity. We need to stray away from this “Old Colonial” American lifestyle that promotes racism, separatism, discrimination, and hate. We need to reinvent tradition and modernize it so that it fits our current era. Pride should be taught to youths so that they understand the history, expose to sexuality in an appropriate setting, and understand the reason to celebrate. Indeed, there are some behaviors that are offensive or “too much” for a younger audience. However, it is up to organizers to make Pride inclusive to all ages and families.
    My opinion, my perspective, my thoughts…

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