Popeyes vs Chick-fil-a vs Wendys

Popeyes, Chick fil a or Wendys
Popeyes, Chick fil a or Wendys

Unless you been in a cave over the last few days, you know its a national debate for who has the best chicken sammich!

It didn’t take long for the underdog to get under the skin of the champ.

And with that the debate was on…

It didn’t take long before the debate was on!!!

And it didnt take long before the debate turned into an all out war!

As the nation line up in long lines to see what the Popeyes chicken sandwich was all about.. lines were long and tempers were high…

And one national restaurant was felling left out!

There are still many people who cant think of Chick fil a without being reminded of some of the politics of their ownership…

But most importantly.. What do you think? Share your thought below…

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  1. Popeyes no doubt!!!

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