The Strange Things About The Johnson’s

The Johnsons are an attractive, well-to-do, upper-middle class family. Sidney, husband and father, is a famous poet, known and adored for his kindness and sensitivity. Joan, wife and mother, is a dutiful housewife, an obsessive homemaker and the life of every party. Their son, Isaiah, is a charismatic young man who has just gotten married to an equally appealing young woman. In fact, there is only thing that separates the Johnsons from their charming friends and neighbors: Isaiah, the son, has been molesting Sidney, the father, since he was twelve years old. And what’s more, Sidney has written a memoir that chronicles, in great detail, the ins-and-outs of this unseemly father-son relationship. Will the manuscript ever see the light of day, or will young Isaiah have a thing or two to say about it? THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THE JOHNSONS is a dark satire of the domestic melodrama, which asks “What if…?” and then, for some reason, comes up with an answer.

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  1. This short film was really what the title says strange. I first saw this was laughing. But it tells a true story that goes on in real life for some people.

  2. Very weird but good short movie, kind of want more of a backstory as to why the boy is the way he is because people like that have a trigger that started them.

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