Don’t believe what you see. Jamal Murray has been hacked!

Many people use sports and entertainment as a way to break up the daily stress in life. Well then them all but cancelled right now due to the corona virus our super hero Jamal Murray comes to save the day and provides us the entertainment we didnt ask for.. or expected.

Allegedly around 2:30am Jamal Murry got a lil bored and a lil horny. Being bored and horny is normal but sometimes being both at the same times causes humans to some some dump things. Allegedly, Jamal got on Instagram to cure his boredom, which is normal millions of people do that each day. Also allegedly, Jamal got head from a women to sure his horniness, also extremely normal as according to the state of New York, the corona virus hasn’t been proved to be transmitted through oral sex.

So what went wrong, well Jamal being the great multitasking, allegedly decided to do them both at the same time and dropped this example of what humans do at 2:30am when they are bored and horny.

Bravo Bravo Jamal Murray, the world needed some entertainment to break up the stress and I must admit it looked like you had more fun entertainment us then we had watching. In face you were the late night inspiration of some classic artwork…

But Jamal believe he has been hacked and who ever this guy is on his IG story providing entertainment and inspiration better watch out as Jamal is working on the issue.

It’s ok Jamal if someone allegedly hacked your account you have nothing to be sorry about

But why do we always have to bring Kevin Durant into everything…

No matter if Jamal was hacked or not, I’m completely fine with pro athletes letting us into their lives more and more with social media. What do you think about Jamal’s account being hacked. What basketball player do you wanna see hacked next?

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