BathTime Together

Bath Time Together is a fun silly variety show where Our Bloggers and their guest have fun while sharing their opinion about any and everything while having bath time together.

The general flow of the show goes as following.

  • Mini-Game (30 seconds)
    • The host will present a mini-game
    • The loser of the Mini-Game will be penalized
  • Introduction (30 seconds Video)
  • Welcome (1 minute)
    • The host introduces the show and each Blogger/Guest Introduction
  • Feature Topic (3 minutes)
    • The contestants will split 3 minutes to share their opinion on the feature topic the host may ask follow-ups or mute a contestant who is rambling
  • 5 Quickies (30 seconds each)
    • The host will present a topic. Bloggers will spit 30 seconds to share their reactions or opinion.
    • The host will award points based on Blogger’s thirst trap, energy, and reaction
  • Wrap Up (2 minutes)
    • The host announces the winner who gets 30 seconds of FaceTime to talk about anything they want or give a shoutout.
    • Then all contestants towel off
  • Outro (1 minute Video)