A.I. Chapter 1

I’d been talking to this guy named Jay for s bit and couldn’t figure him out for the life of me. So I enlisted help from an ex who showed no reluctance in giving me advice. His name was Antoinne. One day while we were talking I jokingly made a pass at him saying something along the lines of “if only things were easier I could just marry you” He seemed annoyed by my saying that, but only because in his eyes “I could still be wifey if I wanted”. I was honestly a bit surprised to hear this. I mean I knew he’d always love me, but I thought after all these years he was over me and probably didn’t want anything to do with me on that level. I was over him after all…Or was I? Let’s see: The only reason you entertained Jay for this long was because he and Antoinne shared the same Zodiac, and your last relationship you only put up with for so long because you regretted walking out on Antoinne… “YEP Ian you’re definitely over him alright” I thought to myself sarcastically. Who was I fooling? I wasn’t over Antoinne at all. I would’ve dumped the boyfriend I had after him for a chance to get back with him if I didn’t wanna’ seem like a bitch. And well if I didn’t think Antoinne kinda hated me for awhile. But shit I hated myself a little too for the way I treated him in the past. I called him on the phone just to see how he was doing and was greeted with Antoinne’s usual mimicry. After he was done playing parrot he said, “I can’t stand your voice” Feeling insecure I asked, “Why?” He paused for a second and responded, “Because, you be trying to sound all cute and innocent, but I know how you really are. That’s why I can’t hear your voice without you making my dick hard.” I was speechless. But I could totally relate because even his burps were enough to make my dick hard. I asked shyly, “is your dick hard now?” He quickly said, “yeah” Instinctively I asked seductively, through the phone, “can I kiss it?” Without waiting for a response I pursed my lips together and made kissing sounds. Antoinne let out a little moan and said, “Now stop playing and suck it” I pulled my dildo out of my drawer and started swallowing it to make the most authentic sounds I could. I started precumming as my imagination went rampant with thoughts of sucking Antoinne’s huge dick. Even though the only thing tying us together was a phone line I felt a deep connection. And within minutes we were both busting our loads and moaning in each other’s ears. After that he needed to clean himself up so I said I’d talk to him more later. I laid there thinking about the electricity I only ever feel with Antoinne. Oh shit. I better snap out of it, I’m supposed to go out with Jay after class!
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