A.I. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Class was actually pretty interesting today. We got to try out boxing. I was surprisingly good at it, even my professor seemed to feel a bit phased by the way I pushed him back with each punch and kick. My friend Devonté joked that maybe I’d need to use my new boxing skills on my “date” with Jay.

On that note, I rushed to my dorm to shower and change.

As I showered, I made sure to thoroughly hit all the sweet spots; under-arms, dick, ass crack. I always liked the feeling of soap in between my ass cheeks. My mind drifted toward what he and I would do? I’d never been to a bar before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My bros kept advising me to exercise caution though. After I got out of the shower, I quickly changed into the outfit I had prepared. I looked in the mirror but…eh I don’t know. I knocked on my suite-mate Carl’s door and asked him and his girlfriend Nicky for some fashion advice. With their help we constructed an outfit that was definitely a 10. Carl even let me borrow a pair of his shoes and a jacket. Then he helped me perfect my “nigga walk” He jokingly asked if I was sure I wanted to go out with Jay, because we could assuredly get some bad bitches with me and that fit. Nicky punched him in the shoulder in a way that said “The only bad bitch you need is right here!” I gave them both hugs and love and promised to send them my location before heading down to meet Jay. He greeted me in his typical awkward fashion, and lead me toward the car. Jay was…an enigma to say the least. He was a bit shorter than me, medium brown skin, glasses, and a quirky personality. He was definitely a nerd, but at the same time a frat boy. Every encounter with him was something to remember for whatever reason. As we road to wherever we were going we might a little small talk. He told me I smelled nice and I told him I learned in class that I was capable of beating his ass if he tried anything. Well I didn’t really say that, but his reaction seemed as if he took it that way. He’d responded “cool” in an almost frightened sort of way when I told him about my boxing experience.


We arrived to the place pretty quickly. To my surprise it was just this little Mexican restaurant up the street not a bar at all. It was really cute and quaint looking, I’d never been anywhere like it before. We were seated and they took our orders for drinks. I wasn’t much of a drinker so I just got the same thing Jay did, a frozen margarita. I made sure to send my location in our bro group chat so they’d know where I was just in case. And they all wished me a good time. The drink was surprisingly good, but a bit strong for my taste considering my lack of experience with alcohol. Jay and I actually made great conversation and I was having a good time. Normally we just hung out in each other’s rooms, but this time it was like a real date.

I started to get a bit tipsy and I noticed a text from Jay on my phone. 

It read “I get a bit horny when I’m tipsy😜” my heart rate sped up all of a sudden and my cheeks got hot. I responded back “Me too, I drank some wine the other day and wound up stroking my dick till I had a huge orgasm😂” I watched him read the message then he looked up at me and we both laughed.

I texted in the group that he said drinking made him horny and was greeted with responses on how he was about to get some booty. I replied back nope, not happening, I’m steering this ship. And right now my ship was a bit rocky. My head was swimming and my dick was hard. I let him have the rest of my drink as I could tell I was at my limit. The waitress came along to ask if it would all be on the same ticket. Jay looked at me and I looked at him and then he looked at the waitress and said,”Same ticket please” As she walked away I told him he didn’t have to pay for me, but deep down I was glad he did because my pockets were looking a little tight. We got ready to go and he made sure I knew to let him know if I started to feel lightheaded. On the way back I got a call from my mom and tried to play it cool like I was most definitely not on a date with a boy until I gave her the usual “love you, talk to you later.

Once the call ended he asked if I wanted to be dropped off at my room or come with him to his. I thought for a second and said his.

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