Cancer vs Cancer

OMG! You know that feeling when you met someone and know that this is THE PERSON you would like to spend the rest of your life with? It was like I could not wait till the weekend, it meant I would be able to see him again. I realize despite all the calls, texts and video chat nothing compares to seeing my boo thang in person.

I would be able to do all the things no text, chat, or video could do. I invited him back to my restaurant after he got off from work. We talked about our birthdays, all that we had planned to do. I mean we were talking about each other’s friends and families. After three days of planning we decided we would see a movie, grab a bite to eat, meet up with friends, maybe maybe hit up a club or two. Of course had to show out for the gurlz, let them and everyone know: that’s all me.

I don’t know if I am the only one that when getting dressed has to pull out all my clothes, try them on, walk around, bend over, even act like I am in front of the Project Runway panel getting a feel of what they have to say. 

My sister says it’s that “Diva Bitch” side of me. Throughout the entire day I experienced acute back pain. With working both jobs and constantly being on the move I kinda looked at my situation like maybe I just need to slow down. 

I had already been to the doctors a few time before and they low-key told me stop wasting they time and please don’t come back. Little did they know I was not the one. Being the type of person that would go to the doctor for anything I could total understand why they would be feeling that way.

For our date we choose to-go all out and went to Olive Garden. We started with the Tuscan soup, a dish we both like and was something we both discovered in our numerous conversations. We ordered a white sweet moscato wine, three different appetizers, salads and bread sticks (they was free I think and who don’t like free). 

As the server brought the first appetizer out I noticed how burnt it was and had it sent back, the following dish seemed to be way too oily sent that back to and the last dish… lets just say someone should be shot or fired for making and plating that mess. After eating one bread stick I noticed I was full also I wanted to lay down. Now I kinda felt bad cause we had just ordered all this stuff and now I wanted to leave. As I left to go to the car my date asked me…..

Him: Baby, you okay?

Me: Yes, just felt full like I ate too much too fast.

Him: I am going to ask for some boxes and we can take it to go.

Me: That’s cool, I will meet you in the car.

Him: Okay, you sure you don’t want anything?

Me: No im sure. But thanks bae.

Before I could even get to the car all I wanted to do was lay down, I felt like I had been out chilling and club-in all night. We started to drive home and it was not easy. Every turn was painful and I really just wanted to sleep. Something in the back of my head was telling me that I might need to go to the emergency room but who wants to end up in the ER on their first date, shit not I but something just was not right. If we went left, my body felt like it went right. At one point I even asked him.

Me: Babe when you turn you have to slow down.

Him: What you mean?

Me: Like when you turn make a Cadillac turn.

Him: Dude stop playing

Me: Mane im foreal but if its a issuse you can just bring me to the hospital and ill get home.

Him: If that is really where you wanna go, then I will get you there, but im not dropping you off.

Me: So what that supposed to mean.

Him: Boi that apparently im stay with you.

Me: Naw im kool you really don’t have to.

Him: Boi anyway, what hospital we going to.

As soon as we walked in to the doors of the hospital I passed out and hit the floor. It was as if all the energy that I had in me was wiped out. I thought maybe my sugar is low; everyone always said I needed to slow down and rest, they were right. After being checked into the hospital and answering a milbillion questions a few test was ran and sitting in the emergency room for only 7 hours we was told that I was diagnosed with a form of cancer. 

All my life I wondered if this would ever happen to me. See my father and grand-parents had cancer but no-one would ever think this would happen to them. With everything going on all I could think about is, who would want me now? What kind of first date is this? Even with everything going on my date never judged me and showed all he wanted to do was be there for me.

I must say I respect a man the can accept someone flaws even when they don’t know they have them. What do you say to someone you just met? What do they say to you? I wanted to be mean find away to get him to leave so it wont be my fault even though it would at the same time.

Me: You can go if you want to.

Him:Why would I do that?

Me: Bro, nobody wants to be with anyone with cancer. And we just met so I understand…

(Quickly cutting me off)

Him: If anything you need me right now. And I am not like that.

All I could do was say thank you. Who would have ever thought that our Cancer Vs. Cancer weekend would turn into just that a Cancer Vs. Cancer weekend.

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  1. Great story love it. ❤⭐⭐⭐⭐👍👍👍

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