#1 Hot Tubbin’ With Jharrel

Danga Tales

I was so happy to get to hang out with my good friend Jharrel. We met online when he hit me up randomly in a group chat on KIK and we just clicked. After a year of chatting online, we finally met. Surprisingly Jharrel and I have a lot in common but at the same time we very different. He is more loud and emotional than I am. But that’s cool with me it just makes him fun to be around. We had a busy day riding around town and doing some shopping then we went out to Six Flags and man I haven’t had so much fun but it was hot as hell. When we finally got back I just wanted to relax, so Jharrel suggested we get in the hot tub. We had to make a quick stop at the store to get some bubbles. But it was worth it because once we got in the warm water and the jets were on it felt so good.

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