#2 Jeremy’s Condom Failure

Danga Tales

Yesterday I had so much fun… But today I’m full of regret… Let me explain. I was bored super bored! So bored I was on Snapchat for a while then I was chatting with people on Tumblr. This one dude hit me up. He introduced himself as Jeremy. I’m always impressed when people hit me up and introduce themselves by name in their first message. Most guys try to introduce themselves with an ass or dick pic. Don’t get me wrong I love a nice ass and pretty dick, but I like seeing the face of who I’m talkin to as well. So, I was impressed! When I went to his Tumblr page and browsed around I can tell he liked many of the same blogs I liked. I looked at his pic, he was a cute dude, but really skinny. I could tell he was young but he came at me correct, plus being cute doesn’t hurt so I messaged him back…

Howdy, my name is Jeremy, I’m from Texas and ever since I got back home from the army I keep running across your pics. I love seeing the pics and video you do cuz I think they are creative so I decided to message you – Jeremy

Hey Jeremy thanks for introducing yourself, Most people just send nudes first. My name is Danga. You kinda far from me I’m in Louisiana but location not important to me I like chatting with cool guys no matter where they live. – Danga

Wow, you actually responded. I really wasn’t expecting you to. Here are some pics so u can see what I look like. – Jeremy

Thanks for the pics. You a cute dude. I love when a guy sends me random pics. – Danga

Well here are some more… Tell me what you think. – Jeremy

I think you got a sexy lil booty. Danga

It’s still fresh only recently got my cherry popped – Jeremy

How that happen? – Danga

It happened at basic training in the army. I didn’t realize I would be seeing that much cock and balls. I always felt awkward and embarrassed being naked around other dudes. – Jeremy

Why? – Danga

This is a picture of my dick. I’m not exactly packing. – Jeremy

So, u was in basic training checking out dudes. – Danga

Honestly, I wasn’t into dudes before then. I liked girls. I would flirt, make out even eat them out too. But my dick too small and I would be embarrassed to show them. -Jeremy

Lol u crazy I know your dick gets bigger when your hard. -Danga

I was hard in that picture – Jeremy

Oh my bad – Danga

But yeah it was plenty of times where groups of us was naked especially during showers since it wasn’t any privacy stalls. I would instantly get hard. It was completely uncontrollable. It was my first time being around other naked people. -Jeremy

Oh damn I know that was embarrassing -Danga

Unlucky my dick so small most couldn’t tell but this one dude names Wayne did. -Jeremy

That sounds like a country dude name – Danga

He from Tulsa Oklahoma lol but one day he caught me looking at him before we got in the shower. I wasn’t attracted to him or nothing. I guess I was just envious of his dick. -Jeremy

How you know he caught you -Danga

He gave me a wink and grabbed his dick, 5 minutes later he was at the shower next to mine. -Jeremy

I bet you want his dick huh – Danga

I’m not gone lie he had a big dick not big like yours though. I would look over and he was always washing his dick or playing with it. That shit kept me hard to I had to leave. Few days later it happened again except this time some how he got behind me and I could feel his dick rub up against my ass. – Jeremy

Oh shit yall was fucking in the shower -Danga

Oh no It was to many guys in there most the time. But he kept brushing up again me playing grab ass and stuff. We ended up becoming friends. It was easy because we were in the same unit. -Jeremy

So y’all didn’t do nothing? -Danga

Yeah one day we were sitting down alone for a few minutes and he randomly just pulled his dick out. And he just shook it at me. I was speechless and just stared… I didn’t know what to say. Then he just put it back in his pants like nothing never happened. – Jeremy

Then what happened? – Danga

A few days later he walked up behind me and put his hands on my waist. And whispered in my ear that he really liked me a lot and that I look so good to him. Then he started grinding his hard dick on my ass. I never did anything gay before but for some reason he made me want to be his bitch. – Jeremy

Oh really – Danga

Yeah! I turned around and we were really face to face. I looked down and his dick was out of his army pants. It kinda shocked me but I guess instincts took over and I reached down and grabbed his dick and it felt so warm. I started shaking it a little then he leaned down and kissed me. I was stunned, horny, shocked, and vulnerable. At that moment I would do anything Wayne wasted. – Jeremy

What you end up doing? -Danga

Wayne looked around then put his hands on my shoulder. I got Down on a knee and took his dick in my mouth. I felt his hand on my back of my hands and he immediately started to nut. -Jeremy

Damn he was a minute man – Danga

Yeah he later told me that he had sex with a girl once in high school and she laughed at him and told her friends that he nutted as soon and he put his dick in her -Jeremy

Lmao smh – Danga

You know what Danga I really didn’t mind. We didn’t have much time alone anyway and it was cool that I was about to help him in the little time we had. -Jeremy

So y’all did it allot? – Danga

Yeah, apparently, he couldn’t jack off and nut but if someone is touching him he nuts extremely quick. He was always horny and he kinda made me his cum bitch. If we were seating next to each other I would reach into his pants It only took about 30 seconds to a minute to make him bust. Sometimes we would go into the stall he would take his dick and rub it in my ass crack and bust right on my ass. -Jeremy

Damn so how often you freak each other? -Danga

A couple times a day. I used to love making him nut I would do it any time he let me. He might not last long but he always cum allot and I would take his nut and Jack off with it – Jeremy

You a freak… So that ended after basic training? -Danga

Not exactly. We ended up going to the same base. We were good friends at first. Our living quarters were close to each so when he had down time he came over. But this time was different. He pushed me down on the bed. I thought we were just play wrestling. He started pulling my pants down and I’m just laughing next thing I know he turned me over and pinned me down. Wayne told me not to move. I asked him what he was doing. Then I felt him force his dick up my ass. It hurt so bad but he didn’t stop. He fucked me for about 3 minutes before he nutted. Then he got up and left. I limped to the bathroom and wiped and cleaned myself. He really me opened me up and I was super sore a few days. -Jeremy

Bro he raped you! – Danga

Idk but I know he stayed away from me a few days. When we finally talked he broke down crying. He said he was sorry that he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He said he didn’t think we should be friends. He liked girls and he felt bad for using me. He admitted that he was embarrassed to have sex with a female cuz they turn him on and he would cum instantly. When it comes to freakin with me he didn’t care about what I thought the same way he cared about what females thought. – Jeremy

Damn so he used you? -Danga

Yep, it hurt my little feelings but I went into fuck it mode. Right when he told me that I reached into his pants and stroked his dick. 45 seconds later I had his cum all on my hands. I took my cum covered hand out his pants and smacked him across his face with it. He asked what was that for. I told him if he stopped giving me what I wanted I would tell everyone he raped me. Jeremy

Oh shit you didn’t do that – Danga

Yes I did. I knew at that point I couldn’t go without dick. And he was the only option I had. No-one knew about me but him. Wayne started dating a female. And the closer they got the more I hit up Wayne to freak with me. It would be 3 or 4 times a day sometimes. Soon I told him I wanted him to fuck me again. This time we were in my room and I locked the door. I made him eat my ass before he slid in me and he felt so good. It didn’t last long but it felt good to have his nut in me. And 5 minutes later we went again and this time I jacked off while he fucked me. 4 minutes later we both busted. That time he pulled out and nutted all over my stomach and I did too. He collapsed on me with our nut between us. I wrapped my arm around him and told him I loved him. -Jeremy

Aww so you were in love. -Danga

I was young and dumb. I thought I was in love but really it was the first time in my life I had sex on that level. But really, he was just a guy who was using me to get his nut then I started using him for his dick. We both wasn’t that happy after the orgasm. But in that moment, he had some good dick… I started having him fuck me daily. He was a minute man most the time it didn’t take but a couple minutes. We would fuck all types of random places. -Jeremy

That sounds hot as fuck -Danga

Yeah but outside of sex, we stopped hanging out. He got different friends and ultimately a girlfriend. Then one day the dick was gone and he transferred. After that, I got depressed about myself and the whole situation and decided to leave the army. -Jeremy

Damn bro u ok now -Danga

Yeah, I had to get myself together and come to terms with my sexuality. -Jeremy

So what is your sexuality? -Danga

I’m fully bisexual. I like both guys and girls equally. I’ve only fucked one girl and I’ve dated 2 guys and I’m fully a bottom. -Jeremy

That’s cool I’m a top. -Danga

With that big ass dick you better me. In my short time in the army I’ve seen allot of dicks and never one that big before. That shit is huge. -Jeremy

Lol u silly bro So you like my dick. -Danga

Yeah plus you seem like a cool person. We been taking all this time and you haven’t once tried to come at me for sex. -Jeremy

Lol naw I don’t like that shit if you can’t hold no conversation you can’t get no dick. But you seem like a cool dude you probably can get some -Danga

Lol that big dick too big for me But I wouldn’t mind playing with it. -Jeremy

Just don’t start nothing you can’t finish. -Danga

Oh I always finish what I start – Jeremy

You talk a good game but I’m not no minute man like ya boy Wayne. -Danga

Maybe you can show me what it’s like to go the distance -Jeremy

Speaking of distance you far from me – Danga

Yeah but I’m only 3 hours from you I can be there my 2pm -Jeremy

I’m good but I love your persistence… I love the pics and videos you send me Jeremy and I love how open you are with me… your defiantly my type of guy. – Danga

If I’m your type let’s hang out I haven’t been to New Orleans in a while and it’s only a couple hour drive. -Jeremy

Boy you not about to drive here right now just to see me -Danga

Yes I am I can be there before 2 o’clock -Jeremy

Where u gonna stay at? -Danga

My mom is in management at the Marriott so I get access to free and discounted hotel rooms. -Jeremy

Word – Danga

Yeah so I’m on my way out not? -Jeremy

Alright that’s cool with me – Danga

What’s your number so I can call you with exact directions- Jeremy

My number is 504-335-7433 text me your name and a picture first so I know who you are. -Danga

A minute later Jeremy texted me his name and a picture and I gave him my address.

I got in the shower and got dressed. Jeremy showed up in a 2 door sports car and we went downtown to this fancy Marriott. The room was really nice, decked out in white with a nice view. I turned and looked over at Jeremy and he was stripping his clothes off.

Damn you not wasting anytime -any time

aha naw I always strip off my clothes when I’m home. I feel more comfortable but I’ll leave my underwear on – Jeremy

Looking at Jeremy he was skinnier than the pictures. Had a nice bulge in his underwear but almost no ass at all. After giving his body a nice look over I decided what the hell, he drove 3 hours to see me I’ll give him something to remember. So I went ahead and stripped down too.

We both got in the bed. Jeremy leaned over and lightly touched my bulge. He leaned in and kissed me on my lips. Damn he had some nice lips. We kissed for a while as he continued to groped my dick. I got up on my knees and he pulled my American flag underwear down. I heard him say…

Got damn your dick is huge -Jeremy

As he pulled my boxer briefs off, he just stare at my dick in disbelief. I then push him down on his stomach. Then pulled his boxers down and grabbed his ass. I wanted to make him feel good about his body. So I squeezed and smacked his lil ass. I pushed him down spread his ass. I have it the look and smell test. This asshole was pretty, nice and tight, and smelled like soap. I rewarded him with my tongue by going down and getting his ass nice and wet. As I dived deeper I could hear him Moan. The more he moaned the more I wanted too eat his snack cakes.

After I ate his ass for a while I turned him over and straddled his chest and started to fuck his face. He was ok at suckin dick. I then stood up and made him suck my dick some more.

After a while, he gets up and goes to his jeans and pulls out a condom. It looked like a Lifestyle condom. I shook my head. I don’t know what he think he going to do with that little condom. He kept sucking my dick then tries to roll that condom on my dick. #massivefailure after about 3 minutes of struggling I told him that condom was too small. He asked me if I had one and I said no. I really wasn’t planning on fuckin Jeremy. I could see the disappointment on his face.

He asked me if I was into raw sex. I told him only with the right person. I can tell me really wanted it. So I was like fuck it. Got the lube and started fingering his ass. Once I was about to get 3 fingers in I got my dick hard and stated to slide my dick in him.

Jeremy stated crying out loud.

Are you ok? -Danga

No – Jeremy

You want me to stop -Danga

No, just go slow – Jeremy

I again tried to slide my dick into Jeremy tight ass. The more I push the more we was crying then finally I could feel my dick slide through the first ring of his ass. Right then Jeremy screamed out

Oh my god please take it out – Jeremy

At this point, my dick was in. So I just didn’t move. I could see tears on his face. After a minute, I slowly thrust my dick in him. Jeremy stated to shake he turned and kissed me i stared to fuck him but not for long as on the 3rd stroke he moaned that he was cumming. I could feel his ass throbbing then push my dick out. He turns over and it was a puddle of nut on the covers.

Jeremy got up and went to the bathroom. He was I there for more than ten minutes. While he was in there I jacked off, then knocked on the bathroom door to see if we was ok. He opened the door and I came in. I grabbed a towel and some soap. Jeremy started apologizing.

I’m so sorry Danga I know you probably think bad of me. -Jeremy

Naw I don’t you good -Danga

I really didn’t come Down here just to freak. Its just when I saw that dick I couldn’t control myself. – Jeremy

You good – Danga

Naw it’s not cool. I’m sorry for acting like a thot. Is just I never seen a dick that big before. Its allot bigger in person than in the pictures. -Jeremy

Yeah, I don’t know what you was doing with little lifestyle condom. I knew that wasnt gonna work. Hell even Magnums are too small. -Danga

Damn what u wear then? -Jeremy

I wear the XXL size. -Danga

Damn no wonder it felt like you was splitting me open. I am embarrassed that I cum before you got to fuck me. -Jeremy

I saw you left a big puddle of nut on the bed. Danga

Ugh I’m so sorry Danga how can I make it up to you -Jeremy

Jeremy grabbed my dick and stated stroking.

You can take us out to eat I’m so hungry -Danga

We wanted up going to a local bar and grill we finished eating about 5pm and he asked if I wanted to do a movie. We looked up movie times. The next one started at 7pm. So he drove us to the movies and we just sat in the car and talked.

Then he unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out. He said he never seen a Dick this big not even in porn. Next thing I know he was going down on my dick right in the parking lot. That shit was good as fuck plus it always seem to feel better when you’re out in public.

Jeremy caught 2 nuts in the car before the movies. After the movies, we went back to hotel and cuddles up together. He said my dick was too big for him.

Eventually, he fell asleep in my arms. The next morning I woke up to him suckin my dick. He dropped me off and drove the 3 hours back home. We still chat to this day. Almost every day he sends me a sexy pic and I consider him a good friend.

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