#3 Derrick With The Pretty Smile

Danga Tales

I been traveling allot lately with TheNudeBlog team and I finally got a break to go back home to visit family. When I got to my family house, everyone was so happy to see me. Next to God, I love my family. Being around them makes me happy. But that ended too soon as I started to feel weak. My aunt took me to the ER and I was diagnosed with dehydration. I never been dehydrated before but man it makes you weak and feel like an old man. All the traveling and work I been doing with my aunts business and the website keep me going non stop. I guess it was time to take a break. I was in the hospital for a day hooked up to IVs. While in the hospital I was bored as fuck. So I was playin around on the dating app and I got a message from Derrick. So we started chattin and he was super cool. He was smart, easy to talk to, kinda an aggressive submissive bottom homeboi keeper type if you know what I mean. We chatted for a while and he kept hinting that he wanted to see me. I didnt want to tell him I was in the hospital so I just brushed it off.

After I got out the hospital we kept chatting almost non stop. He would send me pics and videos all day. Man I love that shit its a major turn on and he never asked for me to send him any back, but I did anyways of course. He kept hinting that he wanted to meet but I was still in no condition to meet. I just met him and I wanted to give him a good impression. He was tellin me how he reads my blogs, follow my snapchat and tumblr and twitter. He knew stuff about me before I even got to tell him. I felt bad too because I know he really wanted to see me and honestly I wanted to see him too. Most the time people just hit me up and just want to fuck. Derrick was different he wanted to be friends too and I appreciated that about him. So I broke all the rules and told him I would come pick him up and we could just hang out here in my room at my aunt house.

I got my aunt’s car and picked up Derrick, he kinda stayed far away across town. We talked a lil bit on the way back. I pulled over at a park and we just sat in the car and talked for a while when I felt his hand on my leg. Instantly my dick starts to get hard. I let him get a feel but I told him not today. He looked disappointed as fuck. Next thing I know he tells me he has to go back home. In my head I’m thinking really. But I turn around and take him home.

When we get there he invited me in. We went straight to his bedroom and I sat on the bed. Derrick went to check on some things and about 10 minutes. He came back in just his red underwear. I know a set up when I see one and this felt just like one.

As cool as Derrick was, I really was in no condition to be freaking or fucking, but I also didn’t want to let Derrick down.

He came up to me looking good as fuck just like the pictures. Derrick had a nice almost perfect body. He was slim but not skinny. He didn’t have a 6 pack and didn’t need one. That stuff is so over rated. Derrick had a banging body and the cutest smile a guy would have.

Ugh why did I have to get dehydrated. Being dehydrated made me stiff, ashy, and low key made it harder to keep an erection. Yeah I said it! It takes alot of blood to fill my dick up and being dehydrated kept for from truly rising to at occasion. I really was supposed to be on bed rest but it looks like Derrick wants me to do some bed work. I don’t know when the next time I will see him again, this might be our only chance for a while,so why not.

Derrick told me to stand up and he started to take my clothes off. He pulls my boxers down and grabs my dick. He had a devilish grin on his face and gave me a sexy look. He stood up and we started kissing and makin out. I couldnt keep my hands off his ass. It was nice and soft if I was feelin better I would be smashin.

Derrick pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. He started at my neck and started kissing down my body. This man was a professional. He kissed his way down to my dick. I was low key embarrassed by my dick was soft still. I dont think I enjoyed it as much because I was self conscience about that. But Derrick didnt care. He started workin my dick and it was feelin good, especially when he pulled the skin back.

We mostly just kissed and made out. Derrick was hot! He had me turned on. He started whispering in my ear that he wanted me to fuck him. It took a while for me to get my dick in. Mostly because I couldnt get all the way hard and because Derrick was super tight. I got my dick in and started to fuck him, he was moaning, and from all the suckin, and the face that I been sick so I havent jacked off in a few days, it all hit me pretty quick. So I pulled out and started grinding on him but it didnt stop the explosion that I shot out on Derrick face and chest.

Derrick was PISSED that he had nut on his face and hair. He got up and pushed me off of him. I didnt know that he doent like nut on him and boy did I unleash 4 days worth.

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  1. I understand he was excited but dang I would have been okay just meeting under the circumstances

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