Danga Tales

Jharrel and I finally got to hang out again. Its been a while since I got to hang out with him and I miss my buddy. As cool as Jharrel is he can be a lil bit of a crybaby. It was friday evening and I wanted to go to the movies but Jharrel wanted to come to my place and watch Netflix. I know what that leads to and I really wasn’t feeling it tonight, besides I haven’t seen him in a while and I didn’t want to meet up just to get a lil freaky. So when I told him I was going to the movies with or without him he wasn’t too happy but he agreed. I drove over to pick him out and he was outside doing yard work. When I go out the car he came over and gave me a big hug. I asked him if he was still going to the movies and he said he forgot. I told him the movies start in 10 minutes. He then suggested we just stay and watch Netflix. I know what he was up to I told him he better get in this car because the previews are over. I can tell he was mad but he locked up the house and got in the car. I can tell he was mad because he folded up his arms and leaned all the way against the door. He does this sometimes but normally in about 90 seconds, he gets over it.

We got to the movies right as the previews ended and the movie was starting. He told me he didn’t want to watch the movie because he heard bad things about it. Shit, we hear now, he got mad again and learned all the way away from me. We sat there awkwardly as the movie started. I glance over at him and he was dosing off. about 30 minutes into the movie I reached over and wrapped my arm around him hoping it would make him feel better. But what it actually did was open me up as Jharrel went straight for my pants. Next thing I know right in the middle of the movie he pulls my dick out and goes right now on my dick. I ain’t gonna lie that shit felt good as fuck. When Jharrel is upset he is even more freaky than normal. I was kinda nervous because it was people around but we were near the back and Jharrel was working my dick good. I grabbed the back of his head and forced him down on my dick. Doing freaky stuff in public is always a major turn on and it didn’t take me long. I pulled my shirt up and I shot the first shot into Jharrel mouth. Then he pulled off and stroked my dick as I shot the rest on my abs. I ended up taking the side of my shirt and wiping my nut on it before tucking my dick away.

The rest of the movie Jharrel was still not paying much attention to the movies but he had me hard the entire time as he was rubbing and stroking my dick through my shorts. After the movies, I took Jharrel home and gave him a hug and told him we need to hang out more often. He agreed.

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