Discovering Danga

I had just got out of school for summer vacation. I moved around a lot when I was younger and a lot of times I would go to my grandparent’s house during the summer with my other cousins. I was an only child, and I was shy growing up. I used to stay to myself, so of course, my grandparents would make me go outside to play with the other guys in the neighborhood.

We lived near public housing so it was always a bunch of guys around. We would play basketball, football, and other stuff. We also had a clubhouse we made in the woods we would go to when it got really hot. The clubhouse we built been there for a couple year and we made it out of wood and old furniture we found laying around or thrown away. At the clubhouse, we used to go to and chill or play hide and seek.


One day we were all in the clubhouse. It was 12 of us there and one of the older guys named Jason, who was in the 9th grade, brought a Playboy magazine he snuck away from his older brother. Most of the guys were looking at the nude girls and claiming which one was theirs and what they would do with them. I had just got out the 5th grade at the time and didn’t quite understand all the fuss but I didn’t want to seem out of place. So to fit in I just played along.

After a few minutes, I walked off to pee. When I came back I was just kicking a rock around, when I looked up, one of the guys was unzipping his shorts and he pulled his dick out. Then another dude and another did it. They were all comparing dicks with each other. I didn’t want to be left out so I just did the same thing. When I pulled mine out they all started lookin and starring at my dick. Jason said…

Damn lil dude got a big dick – Jason


I thought I did somethin wrong at first cuz they were pointing at it and stuff. Then they started asking me questions like why is my dick so big and stuff like that. I just told them I didn’t know I had a big one. After a few minutes, a few guys started stroking their dicks. I had no idea why they were doing that but one of the guys reached over and started stroking mine. If felt so good that I started stroking after he stopped. We were all standing outside the clubhouse with our dicks out stroking. A few of them would reach over and stroke another guys dick for a few minutes. Then it started, one of the guys I think Eric said he was about to cum and I look over and it looked like he was peeing white stuff. But I never saw a guy make a face like that when peeing. Then that started a chain reaction of other guys doing the same. About 8 of the 12 guys did it. After that, a few decided to go ride bikes so everyone left out the woods to go ride bikes.

That was pretty much the first time I knew I had a big dick and that other people appreciated big dicks. That was the first time of a very interesting summer.

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  1. Great story and def got me hooked to read more of things that happened in your life

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