Perez My Venezuelan Friend

Back when I was younger I was an innocent child. Well mostly! I was pretty quiet and just kinda go with the flow. I was completely a follower and I just wanted to keep people happy and make friends.

Well, one of the times I broke that mold was with my friend Perez. It was a couple things that drew me to him. Perez was one of the guys who developed early. He was very athletic, tall slim, with abs and biceps, he was the starting QB on the football team and he was popular with all the girls. Another thing that drew me towards him was the fact that he was Venezuelan. He spoke English but with an accent and I loved to hear him talk. He was a light mocha color with curly hair. The younger version of me was jealous of him.

At this point I had Jack off and suck buddies, I had fucked a few girls. But something in me wanted this Venezuelan jock. I was too shy to approach people. I just always let people come to me. I knew if I had the chance with him I would take it.

A few months later after football season was over I was selected by my peers and teachers to be a peer mentor. They took us on this weekend training. When I realized that Perez was of course also selected, because he was popular, I knew I had a small chance.

The day we left when I got on the bus, Perez was already on the bus. He sat way in the back so I darted all the way to the back of the bus to sit next to him.

He was actually a really cool dude we talked sports most of the way. When we got to the dorm the group leader got on the bus and told everyone we would share rooms with the person we were sitting next to. I couldn’t have planned it any better.


When we got there we did a bunch of activities that night. When it was time to go to bed, Perez took his shower first. When he got out the bathroom, he already had his shirt and shorts on. I was low key disappointed. I went to take my shower next. About halfway thought Perez came into the bathroom to pee then left back out. When I got out, I decided to test him. I dried off and put my underwear on. Then after I brushed my teeth, I stroked my dick and got it really hard. I came back in the room wearing my briefs, with my dick bulging. I could feel his eyes on me But nothing happened of it. He ended up going to bed early.

The next day was another busy day. This was Saturday night and the last night we would be there. I was thinking of how I could do this. What I was trying to accomplish, I really didn’t know, but I know I wanted to see what would happen.

Saturday night pretty much went the same way. Perez went to take his shower first. While he was taking his shower, I had to pee and decide to go pee while he was showering just like he did to me. I walked in and it was steamy in there. I handled my business and turned to wash my hands. I look over and see his underwear, shorts, and a shirt was on the corner. After washing my hands, just on an impulse, I turned and grabbed his clothes and walked out. I put his clothes on his bed and started watching TV.

When he got out the shower he poked his head out the door and asked if I saw his towel and clothes. I said yeah they were right on the bed. Completely naked he sprinted over to the bed covering his penis but nothing else. He had a cute little round booty and a patch of hair above his dick with a nice happy trail. Once he slipped this boxers and shorts I decided to go ahead and take a shower. I didn’t bother gathering clothes or anything. I just walked into the bathroom mostly because I felt creepy moving his clothes and having him come out nearly naked.

After my shower, I dried off. Since Perez just walked out naked I would too. So I grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times just enough to make it a little chubby but not hard. Then I opened the door, not hiding anything and walked out. I made sure to walk in a way where my dick swung side to side.

Perez didn’t waste any time.

Bruhhhh what the fuck are you doing – Perez

I forgot to get my clothes – Danga

I walked around to get my clothes which I purposely left chose to his bed. When I got there I just stopped, grabbed my pick and started picking my hair out…

Got damn boy cover that thing up – Perez 

We both guys we got the same body parts – Danga



Naw bro I have brothers and I never seen one big like that – Perez

I grabbed it with my hand and swung it in a circle. Perez stated laughing real hard saying what the fuck as if in disbelief. I didn’t say anything but I was in no rush to put my clothes on. I sat on the bed and started looking for my lotion. I couldn’t find it so I asked Perez if he had any. He reached between the wall and the mattress and pulled out a bottle of lotion. I bust out laughing.

Bro what was you doing with that lotion over there. You were beating your meat wasn’t you – Danga

Perez didn’t say anything. He had that I just got busted look on his face. I took the lotion and spread it on my legs, arms, and body. Then I took some more and lotioned up my dick.

Bro you wild – Perez 

Why you looking unless you wanna help. – Danga

Perez lifted the covers and showed a big hard on he had in his shorts. I padded my hand on the bed next to me. Perez got up and came to sit next to me. We looked into each other’s eyes and I put my hand on his thigh. He, in turn, reached over and grabbed my dick.

I guess the rumors about you are true – Perez

What did you hear? – Danga

That you got a dangerous dick – Perez

I reached over into Perez shorts and what I felt I wasn’t expecting. Perez stood up and took his t-shirt off while I lowered his shorts. What I saw was a pretty uncut long but very skinny 8.5 inch dick. He was rock hard so when I pulled his shorts down his dick flopped back up.


I stood up right in front of him and grabbed his dick then started stroking it. Then unexpectedly he leaned forward and we kissed. I wasn’t really into kissing dudes at the time but it felt good. He had some nice lips and a sexy body. We stood next to each other stroking each other’s dick. After a few minutes, I sat back on the bed and to my surprise, Perez grabbed my head and I know what that meant because I’ve done that to others. I took his dick into my mouth and sucked it good. He started moaning and saying some shit in Spanish. He then pulled his dick out and started stroking until he let loose a thick wad of nut on the floor.

I stood up and we kissed again as I rubbed drops of his nut on his sensitive head. As we kissed, I pushed him back on the bed. Still naked I turned him over. He resisted a little bit asking what I was doing as I turned him on his stomach. I didn’t say a word as I mounted his ass. He felt my dick, wet from precum right on his ass. Then slowly started to grind on his ass. As I got into it the pre-cum started flowing. I just closed my eyes and pretended I was fucking him. As I thrust my dick against his ass, I could feel my dick rub on his asshole. After about 10 minutes I let loose 3 days worth of cum all over his ass and back.

After that, he pushed me off of him and hopped back in the shower. I wiped my nut off with my old boxers and laid on the bed waiting for Perez to get out the shower but ended up going to sleep.

Suddenly I start to come to. The room was pitch dark and I had the feeling of someone playing with my hard dick. Oh shit, it was Perez in my bed playing with my dick. I just laid there pretending to be sleep as he explored my dick. It felt good but it was agonizing because he was just playing and I needed to bust again. So I decided I couldn’t take it any more. It shocked him when I grabbed his head. He said, no when he realized what I wanted. My dick was pressed against his lips. He slowly opened his mouth and said it was too big. I didn’t care as I kept my hand on the back of his head. He started jacking my dick while licking the head. That was fine to me as I was just so horny. After a while, I pushed his head off my dick and started shooting ropes of cum on my chest. To my surprise, he stayed there playing with my nut.

Next thing I know I was waking up. It was 7 am. I was laying on the bed with dried up nut on me. I looked over and Perez was already dressed. I looked down and I had morning wood. I got up to pee and when I got back. Perez stood up next to me. He grabbed my dick and said…

I always wondered if it was true. I guess it was. Not even in porn have I seen a dick this big. I’m not gay but I had a friend who I used to Jack off with while watching porn. I’m fine with what happened but you can’t tell anyone about this ok – Perez

I nodded my head as Perez was stroking my dick. He had a sexy look in his eye. It was the same look that I had back then. I didn’t care if it was a guy or a girl when I was horny I wanted a nut. And I was always horny. I guess he took his final opportunity to make me bust. We both understood that this would likely never happen again.

I let him do whatever he wanted to with my dick. As I sat down on the bed and he gave me a hand job. Once I finished the nut leaked out of my dick and down his hand. I think I was drained. We were both satisfied. Perez’s curiosity and my horniness. The group leader knocked on the door as I quickly put my clothes, on dried up nut and all. We went to eat breakfast and loaded the bus.

Perez and I would became good friends and talk to each other when we saw each other at school. He was a good dude and I had a new friend.

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