#1 I Didn’t Do It Mr. Officer

High School Daze

When I was in high school I was walking home with some friends. We had just had football practice so we were thirsty as fuck. So we decided to stop at the corner store to get somethin to drink and some candy. It was a lot of people in there and the line was long plus it was still hot outside so was wasn’t in a rush. Next thing I know some old man stopped one of my friends and accused him of stealing He must of called the police already because they came there quick. We were all arguing with them and stuff so they made all of us stand against the wall then the police started searchin us. 


My friend Eric, the second guy they searched, had put some candy in his underwear. When they made him empty out his pockets and patted him down, the officer felt a candy bar. So he reached in and pulled out a bunch of candy we were all like fuck. I went next and they did the same to me had me empty out my pockets then take off my shoes and he pat me down. Since they found candy on Eric they were extra detailed on me. The officer felt somethin in my pants so he asked me what’s that. I tell him I don’t have nothin. The cop got smart… ‘Just like your friend said he didn’t have nothin. I said but ‘I don’t.’ He said he was gonna ask me again and if I didn’t tell him what’s in my pants he was gonna take me to jail. I ain’t gonna lie I was scared to go to jail. So I just unbuttoned my pants and pulled my dick out. I told this offer this is the only thing I had in my pants. The officer and store owner were like “no no no dont do that” but I wasn’t going to jail. What ever I had to do to show them I didnt steal nothing, I was gonna do it. My friends all bust out laughin I grabbed my dick and shaked it to show I didn’t have nothing. The officer and owner got beat red, gave each other a glance, and just told us to hurry up and leave and not to come back. We all took off running.

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