#3 Vick’s Dick

High School Daze

I was just reminded of another situation I found myself in years ago my my cousin’s boyfriend named Vick. This name was always funny to me cuz he looked like Mike Vick. He was about 6’1 160lbs. He was an athlete, played football and basketball. At a time when team light skin was winning Vick seems to break through anyway.

It all started with me being a bad ass. My cousin Mary was on the house phone with her friend. I was upstairs on the other phone listening in. My cousin friend Debbie always had the juicy scoop on everyone else business, and today was no exception.
Debbie – Mary I heard you was dating Vick.
Mary – Where time hear that at?
Debbie – Vick sister told me yall been talking. You know Vick is my ex from 3 years ago.
Mary – Well allot changed since those middle school days.
Debbie – I know one that that hadn’t changed.
Mary – What’s that gurl?
Debbie – Vick used to hurt me.
Mary – He put his hand on you!!!
Debbie – Gurl not like that, he ain’t crazy my brothers and cousin would kill him, my family don’t play that.
Mary – What u mean then?
Debbie – Mary you ain’t seen his package yet?
Mary – I felt him up a few times but you know I’m not a hoe like that.
Debbie – well I guess that makes me a hoe because. He used to hurt my vajay jay. He got that dick straight from Africa.

Right then my dick starts getting hard.

Mary – You to was fucking in the 7th grade?
Debbie – Yeah I used to sneak over his house right after practice.
Mary – Well that was years ago.
Debbie – Yeah it might be even bigger by now.

Right then I pulled out my dick and stated rubbing it.

Mary – Girl you thirsty. I don’t like Vick cuz hid dick. I never even seen it.
Debbie – Calm down I’m just letting you know from experience you know Calvin.
Mary – Yeah now he had a big dick especially compared to Mark.
Debbie – Well Vick dick is twice as big as Calvin.
Mary – I don’t even know if that’s possible. I sucked his dick a few times and could barely get the head in my mouth.
Debbie – You better warm your twat up before you let Vick bust out open.
Mary – Don’t worry I got done tricks for that dick.
Debbie – What’s that noise I hear someone breathing hard.
Mary – Hang up so I can make sure none listening in.

As soon as they hung up, I disconnected the cord from the phone. I laid on the floor thinking about what Vick big dick. It had to be twice as big as mine. I wanted time see it so bad.

A few weeks later I was home alone. I hear a knock on the door. I was mad because when I was home alone was my only time to Jack off in peace. We had a large family so I had to answer the door because you never know who was going to pop up. When I went to open the door is was Vick.
My brain began to race while the brain in my pants had my dick hard as fuck.
Vick – Hey is Mary home.
I lied, yeah she in the shower come on in.
He came in and I directed him to the couch.
Alright Danga here’s your opportunity. So I started some small talk with him. Then I told him I was tired from a long day at school then I stood up and stretched my hands over my head avid arched back so he could see my dick print. I could tell he was looking but he didn’t say nothing. When I looked at him he quickly looked away. Then he asked what’s on tv. I picked up the remote and walked over time the tv to turn the dvd player on. Then I walked back th the couch and sat next to Vick. Then I hit play. It was already mid scene with 2 girls eating each other out (which is normally the part I fast forward).
Vick – Yoooo you be here watching flicks
Danga – Only when I’m home alone
Vick – I thought you said Mary was here.
Shit I can’t admit to lying. But what do I do. I just looked at him. I could tell by his body language that he liked the girl on girl action. So I just pulled the leg of my shorts up my thigh exposing my hard dick and started stroking it. Vick was into the video that it took him about seconds before he finally turned and looked at me and nearly jumped out of his seat.
Vick – Brooooo what is a lil dick like you doing with all that.
Danga – I heard you was big too.
Vick – Who told you that
Danga – Just a rumor
I scooted closer and noticed he dick back away. I started to rub on his crotch while he was starting at my dick. I took his hang and placed it on my dick. He circled his grip around my dick just as I reached into his pants.
His dick felt massive, I couldn’t wrap my hand around it. I wanted to see it so bad I started to pull at his boxers and he raised his hips so I could slide them down some. I got a good look at Vick’s big dick It was about 9 inches and thick like a soda can. I leaned back on the couch pulling my shorts down to show off my 12 inches. He dick say anything he just kept stroking my dick. His hands were rough but I still liked it. I was so horny I let go of his dick and grabbed his head. He instantly snapped.
Vick – what the uck you doing bro.
Then he stood up and started to put his dick away. Oh shit I fucked up. I didn’t want this to stop. I reached over just as he stood up and grabbed his boxers before he could tuck his hard dick away. He told his had and started to push me off but I had a hand full of his underwear and pulled his hips close to me. Opened my mouth and took his dick inside. I think it stunned him because the resistance ended. He stood there as I began to service his dick.
As I stated working his dick He put his hands on the back of my head. I sucked his thick circumcised dick fur a few minutes then I stood up. Our dicks were side to side.
Vick – damn what a lil dude like you doing with a duck bigger than mine.
I was so turned on most my the who situation I was ready to blowat any moment. I started stroking Vick faster which made him stroke me faster. He stated to moan and said he was and to cum. Not wanting to have can all over the place I said.
Danga – Don’t cum on the floor
Vick pulled out his boxers and cum inside. Seeing him cum was to much avid with my dick pointed at Vick I started shooting cum all over his dick and public hard.
After I came down off my high I told Vick I would go get a towel. He held out his boxers so that my cum that was running down his body wouldn’t get on his boxers. I went to the bathroom but before I came back Mary came home.
Ok ran back into their living room and Vick had his pants up. Mary and grabbed Vick hand and were going toward her room. I got real nervous. I hope Vick didn’t snitch on me. They were in her room about 20 minutes when all of a sudden there was a loud commotion. Next thing i know Vick is walking Toward the door with Mary yelling
Mary – I can’t before you had the nerve to come over here after you let of of this stank hoes suck your little dick.
Right before Vick walked out the door he gave me a look. I knew our secret was safe.

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