#4 Family Reunion

High School Daze

Lately, I have been having all types of family issues. Nothing really super bad but you know just stuff that annoys you that builds up over time. So I got a call from my cousin Jason about a family get together at my uncle house. My first thought was WTF why I didn’t hear about it. But I live kinda far from most my family so I just let it go and decided to go hang out.

My cousin came to pick me up since he was in the city. We were pretty close when we were younger. Once we got there everyone was excited to see me. It was a lot of hugs and small talk about whats been going on. But after that, it died down and got boring real fast. I don’t know about your family get-togethers but mine it is usually a bunch or older people and lil kids. Only a couple people here were my age, and we were all chilling outside on the porch when a car pulled up.

“Who dat pulling up” – Danga

“That’s Aunt Jane and Lorenzo” – Jason

“I remember Aunt Jane but who is Lorenzo” – Danga

“Stop playing you remember Lil Lonnie” – Jason

“No way he not lil no more” – Danga

“He play basketball at Tulane” – Jason

“I didn’t know he was in NOLA” – Danga

“Yeah this his freshman year” – Jason

“I thought he was older than me, did he flunk or something” – Danga

Before Jason got a chance to respond Aunt Jane and Lil Lonnie walked up on the porch. For some reason, he caught my eye. Or maybe I caught his eye. Either way, we stared at each other for a whole second. It was a long second. And for that split second, I swear I could see into his sole and my gaydar went off.

Aunt Jane came over and gave me a hug and asked how I was going and that she talks to my mom all the time. Then Lil Lonnie and we gave each other a quick manly hug.

“Damn you got tall” – Danga

He smiled really hard, “Yeah” – Lonnie

“So you hoopin at Tulane” – Danga

“Yeah this will be my first year” – Lonnie

Aunt Jane went inside and Lonnie had a seat with us.

“Well, Imma have to check out some of your games you know I live down there now, right?” – Danga

“Naw I didn’t but that’s cool now I’ll have someone to hang with sometimes” – Lonnie

“Lil Lonnie, yo young ass don’t be going out anyways.” – Jason

“You funny, but shit I don’t have to go out cuz the girls come to me.” – Lonnie

We all laughed then Aunt Jane called for Jason to come inside to help with something. Lonnie and I kept talking mostly about school and that he was gonna major in personal training and just catching up on old times. Then Jason came back out and he was sweating.

“Bro did you just get done running a race or something?” – Lonnie

“Naw they help me get extra chairs from out the attic. It’s hot as fuck up there.” -Jason

Right then Aunt Jane yelled out to Jason. She told him to go to the shed and get the tables.

Jason responded, “Lonnie and Danga said they were gonna get them for you, Aunt Jane.”

Before we could take off and leave she came outside.

“Thank you boy, Go get those tables and set them up by the pool for me. Make sure you get them all set up okay don’t let your Aunt Jane down” – Aunt Jane

Fuck we were trapped! I look over at Jason

“Come on Jason you to” – Danga

“Fuck that I’m leaving. I’ll see yall in an hour. They not gonna have me dying of a heat stroke up in this Mississippi heat” – Jason

Lonnie and I went back to the shed

“Let’s just get these tables real fast” – Lonnie

“I love aunt Jane but man” – Danga

“Who you telling I had to live with her for 18 years” – Lonnie

Back at the shed…

“Looks like we got all the tables” – Danga

“Yeah now we can go watch TV or listen to some music” – Lonnie

“Naw Bro I’m staying back here. You know she gonna keep putting us to work” – Danga

“You right I guess I’m just used to it” – Lonnie

“You know your moms a work a holic, That’s prob why you built the way you are.” – Danga

“You know it but the girls love it” – Lonnie

“I don’t have time or the energy to be lifting weights and all that” – Danga

“Yeah cuz you don’t need all that to pull girls” – Lonnie

“Why you say that” – Danga

“You remember when we were little, back at the clubhouse we had” – Lonnie

“You still remember that?” – Danga

“Hell yeah after seeing your dick you had me with low self-esteem for years” – Lonnie

“You funny, how you get over it?” – Danga

“After playing sports, seeing guys in the locker room, I eventually figured out you were the abnormal one and not me” – Lonnie

“If you think I was abnormal back then, it’s even bigger now.” – Danga

Then I do what I have done a ton of times. I unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out.

“Yo, bro that’s shit is crazy.” – Lonnie

“Do you still do what you used to do when we were younger?” – Danga

“Naw bro, I was just a kid, I grew past that phase.” – Lonnie

I took my dick and started to swing it in a circle. Almost like I was hypnotizing Lonnie. He eventually gave in and reached over and grabbed it. I gave a moan of approval as he stood in front of me and started stroking my dick with both hands. Lonnie towers over me so he had to lean down a little bit. But with him being so tall it gave me easy access as I was curious to see what he was packing. Just as I was able to reach for Lonnie’s shorts, he got down on his knees and quickly took my dick in his mouth. I honestly wasn’t expecting it as he started working my dick. He definitely wasn’t a pro as I felt his teeth a few times but reminded me of when we used to fool around when we were younger.

After a few minutes, he came up, spit on my dick and started stroking it. I finally got a chance to pull Lonnie’s dick out and he had a pretty dick. We sat side by side next to each other stroking each other’s dick. After a few minutes, I could see Lonnie’s feet start twitching. I took my shirt off cuz I know what was about to happen next. I kept stroking his pretty dick and next thing I know I hear a moan and nut just starting leaking out of his dick. It was thick and warm and it covered my hand. Seein a guy nut always turn me on and moments later I started shooting nut and it landed all over me and my face.

“Damn cuz you nut a lot” – Lonnie

“Bro that nut was thick, you gonna get some girl prego” – Danga

“Don’t tell nobody but I already have” – Lonnie

“Damn you a daddy” – Danga

“Naw she lost the baby” -Lonnie

“Damn I’m sorry” – Danga

“Its coo cuzo” -Lonnie

“So did you like what he just did” – Danga

“It was fun, reminded me of when we were younger, but it’s not something I would do with anyone else” – Lonnie

“I feel you, let’s get up out of here and see what everyone else is doing” – Danga

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