#1 Genesis Was The Beginning

My First Gay Experience Was Back In High School. I Was Attending An All Boys’ School. I Had Quite A Few Experiences While Attending, But How Could I Not. I Mean, It’s a School Full Of Guys. I Guess You Could Say I Was Bi-Curious Before I Went There Since At The Same Time I Was Fuckin This Girl That Lived Next Door To Me. As A 9th Grader My My Hormones Where Raging And Like Most Others, I Just Wanted to Fit In. I Made Friends With A Lot Of The Guys But, There Was One Dude, In Particular, I Had A Great Connection With. His Name Was Genesis.

Genesis And I Had A Lot Of Classes Together. We Started Talking, Getting To Know Each Other As Friends. Gradually, As The School Year Went On, We Became Close Friends. We Did Everything Together; We Sat Next To Each Other In Class, At Lunch, Got In Trouble Together, Sent To Detention Together. We Were Almost Inseparable. One Day, We Were In The Classroom Alone, Everyone Else Was Outside Playing Football Or At The Pool Swimming. I Decided To Stay In To Play A Game On The Computer And Genesis Decided To Stay Too.

As We Were Chillin Together On The Computer, I Noticed Genesis Was Playing In His Pants. I Asked, “What Are You Doing?”. He Was Bold And Said, “I’m Rubbing My Dick”. So, I Was Like, “Ok”. The He Asked Me, “Do You Want To Try It?”. I Said, ‘Try What?”. And He Was Like, “Sucking It”. I Didn’t Even Respond And He Just Pulled It Out. I Couldn’t Help But To Stare. He Was Like, “Go Ahead”. I Was So Nervous At First, But I Just Leaned Over And Took His Dick In My Mouth. His Dick Was Pretty Big And Thick. I Worked His Dick in My Mouth And got It Nice And Wet. Then Genesis Stood Up And I Got On My Knees And Started Working Hig dick The Best I Knew How. I Don’t Know Why, But, I Felt Good Pleasing Him. I Continued To Suck His Dick Until We Heard Some Kids In The Hallway. I Jumped Up And Sat In The Chair And Genesis Quickly Pulled His Pants Up. It Was Crazy Because Moments Later Our Classmates Came Back Into The Classroom.

As The Year Went On, I Started Getting A Weird Feeling, Something Strange. I Was Catching Feelings For Him. Not The Feelings Of Wanting A Relationship, But Just Wanting To Always Be With Him. All The Time. As The School Year Was Coming To An End, We Went On Class Trip To Atlanta For The Weekend. Everyone Paired Up To Get A Room Together. So, Of Course, We Shared A Room Together. It Was A Busy Trip. We Were There With Our Freshman Class. After Checkin Into The Hotel Early In The Morning, We Loaded The Bus And Went Downtown. We Went To An Art Museum. There Was A Few Sculptures And Painting Of Naked Men. Genesis And I Laughed And He Would Grab My Ass And I Would Push Him Off Of Me.

After That, We Went To The UnderGround And Saw A Few Gay Shops Around The Area. I Tried Not To Pay Them Any Attention Cut Genesis Would Always Point Them Out. That Night, After The Baseball Game, We Went Back To The Hotel. We Had Curfew At 9 PM. The Adults Would Put Tape On Our Doors To Know If They Were Opened, So We Were Locked Inside. Genesis Started To Pull Out His Clothes, So I Went Ahead And Took A Shower. After I got Out Genesis Got In. While He Was In, I Put On My Boxers And Shorts. After That, I Was Being Nosy And Noticed Genesis Had A Condom Laying On Top Of His Boxers On The Side Of The Bed. I Just Assumed He Was Planning To Fuck Some Girl While We Were There But Since They Taped The Door That Wasn’t Gonna Happen.

I Walked Back to My Bed When The Bathroom Door Opens. Genesis Came Out With Just A Towel On. Genesis Was A Slim Light Skinned Dude. He Had A Nice Body Abs And All. He Walked Over By His Bed And Removed The Towel From His Waist And Finished Drying Off. I would See His Dick Swinging Side To Side. I Know I Was Staring, But I Tried So Hard Not To But My Hormones Took Over.

Genesis Took The Towel And Layed It On The Bed. Then Sat On It After Grabbing His Lotion. As He Lotioned Up His Body, We Had Started Talking. Then Out Of Nowhere And Asked Me, “Have You Ever Had Sex With A Dude Before”. I Said, “No”. He Asked Did I Want To Try It With Him. He Said It Would Be His First Time Also. Genesis Stood Up And I Grabbed His Dick And Started Stroking It. He Grabbed My Head And I Took His Dick In His Mouth. I Sucked Hi Dick For A Minute Then He Told Me To Stand Up. When I Did He Took Off My Shorts And I Stepped Out Of Them. As I Stood In Front Of Hom He Grabbed My Ass And Squeezed It. This Boy Knew How To Turn Me On.

He Told Me To Get On My Bed And Lay On My Stomach. Genesis Them Got On Top Of Me And I Could Feel His Dick On My Ass. At This Point, I Would Probably Do Anything Genesis Asked. He Took His Dick And Put It Right On My Ass Crack, Layed ON Top Of Me, And Slowly Started Grinding On Me. As He Was Humping Me I Was Hard As Fuck And My Dick Was Rubbing Against The Bed. After I Few Minutes He Leaned Up And Spit A Few Times On His Dick. I Would Feel The Warm Spit Wet On My Ass. He Continued To Hump My Ass. Now His Dick Was Slippery And He Was Grinding Harder And Harder. I Felt Him Get Close To My Hole, And I Pushed Back On Him, And I Felt The Head Of His Dick Go Inside Me. He Stopped For A Brief Second, Then He Proceeded Slowly As He Penetrated Me for The First Time. He Started Going Faster. I Wanted His To Feel Good And I Pushed My Ass Meeting His Dick Half Way On Every Thrust. We Were Going At It, Ie Was Fuckin Me Good Until I Would Hear A Little Grunt And Genesis Collapsed On Top Of Me. I Realized He Had Nutted Inside Of Me. He Didn’t Pull Out And We Just Layed There With His Dick Still Inside Of Me Until It Eventually Came Out. We Didn’t Move At All And Just Fell Asleep.

(To be Continued)

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