#10 That’s Not Ashley

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Growing up I rarely went to the mall. My parents were young, dumb and broke. Plus I was an only child, it was never a reason to go. Cardi was hype the entire trip to the mall. The whole prospect of meeting girls had him on overdrive. Once we finally got to the mall I was educated about the finer things in life. All this time I was thinking people go to the mall was for shopping. Apparently, I was wrong. As soon as we walked through the door, at around 5:30, my two cousins and Cardi turned into pussy seeking missiles. Cardi and Scooter were checkin out every girl with legs. I’ll admit, I’ve never gone somewhere and noticed so much ass in my life. It was the end of August and the girls still had on summer clothes. Everything was showing. Every couple of minutes, Scooter or Cardi would nudge me, and get excited about a girl that just walked by.

Eventually, we made it to the food court. I was hungry as fuck. We grabbed some burgers. While we were sitting at the table, a group of girls sat down 2 tables from us. Cardi went wild and got all hype. Next thing I know, he got up from the table and walked over to the table with the girls. He was talking to them for a few minutes before Scooter and Brandon got up to join him. They ended up sitting at the table next to the girls and talking for a while before exchanging numbers. Cardi was sitting next to the cutest chick and had put his arm around her.

Finally, the combined group got up and walked around the mall talking and laughing. I stayed in the back and let them do their thing. After another 30 minutes, we all ended up walking back to the car. Brandon was talking to the tall girl on the driver’s side and Cardi and Scooter were talking to 2 girls on the passenger side. I look up and Cardi is tongue fuckin this girl’s throat. Whatever he been saying to that girl was working, because she was really letting him get real close. I kept lookin as he had pulled her close and started to squeeze her ass while kissing. When they finally broke off the kiss it was obvious to tell Cardi was hard from the tent in his joggers.

It was 10:30 pm. Brandon had got in the car and turned it on. Scooter sees the time and tells Brandon we got to go. After another 15 minutes, we finally leave. Cardi was real chill on the way back. He constantly had his hands in his pants as we were listening to the music. As we hit the highway, Brandon and Scooter were talking in that front seat, while Cardi was dozing off next to me. Next thing I know, he had his head leaning on my shoulder and was out for the count. I woke him up a couple times but it did any good so I just let him sleep. He eventually curled up in the back seat with his head on my lap. Because the way my dick was positioned, I could feel the warmth of his breath on my dick and it made me hard. When we were almost home Cardi had readjusted himself, now with one hand between me and his head. For some reason, his other hand was on my semi-hard dick. Occasionally, his hand would appear to rub on my dick but at this time I was half asleep myself.

When we got home Aunt Judy was up waiting for us. Soon as we walked in, she punched Scooter in the arm and let him and Brandon have it. This is one of the benefits of being the youngest. Eventually, Brandon said he had to go but Aunt Judy blocked that quick sayings it’s too to be out driving around.

We eventually made it up to the room. Brandon jumped on the bed first and called first dibs. I got some extra blankets and pillows and made a pallet on the floor. Before I got a chance to get all the pillows Cardi was already on the floor knocked out. I stripped down to my boxers and a shirt like always. By the time I laid down, Cardi with all his clothes on, was out. Brandon and Scooter stayed up a little bit as I dozed off next.

My eyes opened up and it was pitch dark in the room. Darker than normal. I was hard, rock hard for some reason. My dick was standing up out of my boxers. As I tucked it back away I can feel it was wet. But I just turned to the side and went back to sleep.

Sometime later, I woke up and it felt like Ashley was sucking my dick. It was so good and my dick was so hard. I had grabbed her head but she’d didn’t have very much hair. It startled me and I started feeling her head. It wasn’t Ashley sucking my dick. Whoever it was jumped back. Not completely aware of what was happening I pulled my dick back in my boxers and went to sleep.

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