#11 Boys Being Boys

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When I woke up Brandon and Scooter were gone and Cardi was coming out of the bathroom.

DANGA – Good morning.

CARDI – Morning.

He stretched out and let out a big yawn.

DANGA – Where Scooter and Brandon?

CARDI – I don’t know.

A second later I hear Aunt Judy

Aunt Judy – Boys come down here.

Cardi & Danga – Yes ma’am

AUNT JUDY – Boys, Brandon went to take his sister to work. Cardi, I already talked to your parents but I didn’t tell then you were out late so you owe me. I’m about to go to work. When I get back that backyard better be cleaned up you hear me.

Cardi – Yes ma’am

Aunt Judy – Now, Imma leave you two some money on the table. After the yard is clean you boys can go to the corner store ok. 

She was real cool sometimes, allot different from my parents. Cardi and I decided to go ahead and clean the backyard, to get it over with. Cardi was acting much different today. He was very quiet and reserved. Once we were almost finished I asked him what’s wrong.

CARDI – I’m sorry about last night.

DANGA – What happened?

CARDI – You know.

DANGA – What u mean?

CARDI – Me touching on you – Cardi

DANGA – Ohhhhh I thought I was dreaming.

CARDI – Really?

DANGA – I thought I was having a wet dream and this girl I know named Ashley was suckin my dick.

DANGA – I thought you liked girls?

CARDI – Nigga I do! You saw me in action yesterday I always pull girls.

DANGA – Yeah, I can tell… So why you do that while I was sleep?

CARDI – Honestly, I just don’t know I guess curiosity.

DANGA – What you curious about? We both guys we both got the same equipment.

Cardi bust out laughing.

CARDI – Noooo that thing you got is huge. When you got out the shower yesterday you walked into the room and your dick was swinging side to side, that’s not normal.

DANGA – I mean, I can’t help it.

CARDI – I guess I just wanted to know how big it was.

DANGA – Why didn’t you just ask?

CARDI – Nobody just asks to see another dude hard.

DANGA – Okay then, don’t ask.

CARDI – Fine. I wanna see.

I looked around while sitting on the back porch then reached into my shorts and pulled my dick out.

CARDI – Damn that thing is huge.

DANGA – Told you all you got to do it ask

CARDI – Can I touch it – Cardi

I gave him a nod and he wrapped his hands around it.

CARDI – Wow, I never seen anything like it.

He kept shaking it and eventually started stroking it.

CARDI – Do you cum allot?

DANGA – If you keep stroking it you might find out.

Cardi continued stroking my dick

DANGA – What grade are you Cardi? 

CARDI – I’m a sophomore.

DANGA – So you are a few years older than me.

CARDI – That’s so crazy, and you have a dick bigger than most grown men.

DANGA – How big is yours?

CARDI – Not as big as you.

DANGA – Let me see.

CARDI – Naw bro I’m good.

I turned away and started to pull my shorts back up.

CARDI – Fine man!

Cardi pulled the front of his shorts down and exposed his dick. I was shocked.

CARDI – Now u see why I didn’t want to show you.

I didn’t want him to feel bad so I reached over and started stroking it. It wasn’t that it was just small or just skinny. BUT it was both!

Cardi played with and admired my dick for a while, almost too long. Eventually, I pushed him off.

DANGA – Hey, let’s finish bagging the leaves up.

After finishing the yard, we went upstairs. Feeling icky I prepare to take a shower. Stripping my clothes off I could feel Cardi eyes on me. He got up and stood next to me and grabbed my dick and starts stroking it. After I get hard he looks down.

CARDI – Damn boy, that thing is almost to your knees!

I just smile as walk into the bathroom. Since clearly, he likes seeing my dick when I got out of the shower I walked back into the bathroom naked. Cardi got up off the bed and started stroking me again. This time he turned around and rubbed his ass on my dick. For a skinny dude, he had a soft ass. I’ve never actually rubbed on a dudes ass before. It was new to me but it was nice. He turned back around and started playing with my dick some more. I never thought of any of this as sexual. I didn’t like Cardi. I didn’t want to date him. I knew he liked girls. To me, it was just boys being boys. Growing up as an only child and moving around a lot, I kinda liked the attention I been getting recently. Although I didn’t seek it or ask for it, I didn’t turn it down or reject it either. We kept exploring each other until we heard the door open. Someone was coming upstairs. We both jumped like we were about to get caught committing a crime. Cardi jumped on the bed laying stomach down to cover his obvious erection. I ran into the closet with my duffle bag and grabbed the first clothes my hands touched.

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