#12 Cardi Got Game

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Brandon comes through the door.

Hey, Cardi, it’s time to go – Brandon
Alight – Cardi

I put my socks and shoes on and head outside.

When I got down there Scooter was already in the car while Cardi and Brandon were just getting in. Scooter waved me over and told me to grab my jacket cuz it might rain later and lock up the house. After I did that I got in the car and Brandon started to pull off. Cardi was back to himself, extra hype and dancing to the music. I assumed everything was going back to normal. We ended up going to a local department store

School was starting soon and the schools Brandon and Scooter went to had school uniform policies. Scooter went to a private school and Brandon went to a charter school. I didn’t know what school I was going to, didn’t really care to be honest because that was next week and I like to take it one day at a time. 

While I was thinking to myself, I looked up and Cardi was down the aisle in front of some house slippers talking to some girl. I will say at least my new friend has good taste as the girls he talks to look good. I like girls too. I just never feel the urge to go haywire over them like a lot of guys do. Plus I just don’t have the looks that guys like Cardi have. Cardi is light skinned with dreads and tattoos. He slim, with muscles, and kinda have a hip-hop appeal to him. I’m just an average dude with average clothes and a low key personality with no money. 

To keep from getting bored I go down by the guys pants and just start browsing, not lookin too hard because I didn’t have any money. Out of nowhere Cardi pop up.

Bruh those are size 28, you need some 38s to make sure you have plenty of room ya feel me. – Cardi

Funny – me

Naw but seriously those look good you should try them on. – Cardi

I don’t have no money – me

Nigga it don’t cost to try them on yo just do it. -Cardi

I held the pants down by my midsection. Cardi reaches over pushes the pants against my midsection brushing up against my dick.

Yeah try these on, you should have room in them. – Cardi

I took the pants to the dressing room that had an attendant. He guided me into one of the private cubicles. After changing into the fitted jeans I came back out. Soon as I opened the door I saw Cardi flirting with one of the female store workers. She was a lil bit of a big girl but still a cute face. He turned and looked at me.

Werd yo, those look good on you. -Cardi

Brittany don’t you think those look good on my cuz. -Cardi

Yeah, they do. I believe those are on sale right now for 50 percent off and just for you Cardi I’ll give you my discount. – Brittany

Brittany how could I repay you – Cardi

She gives him this look up and down.

Girl, don’t make me make you step in my office. We might end up playing doctor up in here. – Cardi

Brittany gives Cardi a wink. Then put up a sign saying dressing room is closed for cleaning. She grabbed some cleaner and gives Cardi a look before going into the first stall. A short moment later Cardi followed her in and the door closed behind. 

I went back into the stall next to them to put my pants back on. Instantly I was jealous of Cardi. He was exactly the type of person I wanted to be. He was cool and witty and fun. He had style and personality that everyone liked. His energy was infectious. I look at myself in the mirror and I’m just an average poor black kid with a big dick. 

As I’m thinking to myself, I hear laughter in the next stall. A few minutes later while I’m just in my boxers Cardi comes bustin in. 

Damn yo, put that big thing away. You about ready? -Cardi

Yeah – me 

You want the pants? -Cardi

I don’t have any money – me

I didn’t ask you that mane -Cardi

I handed him the jeans. 

Aiight bro, meet u outside. But damn man you need to tuck that away.

When I came out Cardi was talking to Brandon and Scooter.

Yeah bro, I got the first girl number then I met this chick that works here and almost banged in the dressing room didn’t I?, – Cardi he said looking at me. 

I agreed and Scooter got all hype and wanted to brag too. So he started to tell Cardi about Ashley.

We started walking to the car Cardi and Scooter still both bragging trying to outdo each other. While Brandon was driving, Cardi puts the shopping bag on my lap. I look inside and it’s the jeans. I say thanks and Cardi starts to celebrate in his seat doing lil dances to the music. Then while the bag is covering my lap, he reaches under the bag and starts rubbing my dick. It caught me off guard and I pushed him away. He leaned over in my ear…

My bad I guess I forgot to ask… Can I? – Cardi

With that, he resumed rubbing my dick through my pants. I was getting very hard as my dick was inching down my pants.

Then out nowhere.

Aye yo, Scooter Imma stay with you one more day let’s go chill with that girl you were talking about. – Cardi

Hell yeah we can do that – scooter

I got to go to work tomorrow so I won’t be able to stay – Brandon

That’s cool just drop me off with them. -Cardi

You talk to your dad. -Brandon

You know he doesn’t give A fuck plus I run this – Cardi

We head back to the neighborhood.

Yo Brandon drop us off at the dead end. – scooter

What’s Down there? Brandon

Ashley house, just drop us off at the corner – Scooter

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