#13 Take Notes Fellas

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We pull up to the corner near Ashley house and get out. 

I gotta pee – SCOOTER

Out of nowhere he just pulls his dick out and started peein while walkin. Everyday Scooter does somethin that just surprises me. He is still walking while peeing designs on the sidewalk. 

Man I gotta pee now – Cardi as he turns to go find a tree to water.

Scooter goes and knocks on the door. Ashley answers and Scooter says let’s go to the back. Ashley looks at Cardi and I could tell she was star struck. It was like Scooter and I wasn’t even there. Cardi, likes always, morphs into this super player Mack daddy who is so good with the ladies. Ashley parents were home so we went around the house, to the backyard. Cardi was oblivious to all the junk and rusted cars in the backyard, all his focus was on Ashley as he was cracking jokes and rubbing her ass as we entered the path. 

Once at the tent, Ashley tells Cardi to take his shirt off. Cardi now on his knees on the mattress inside the tent pulls his shirt over his head. This dude upper body is ripped. He got a nice chest, a full 8 Pac, and nice biceps. Ashley was loving it as she pushed Scooter to the side. Ashley was a hoe and wasted no time unbuttoning Cardi pants. 

She pulled his pants down and he had a nice little tent out front. Cardi stopped her and started rubbing her breast then he did the unthinkable. He leaned in and kissed her. I’m thinking, man, you don’t kiss no hoe. I bet Ashley was in heaven. I only been there a week, but, between the 7 guys now including Cardi he the only one that came that close to her lips. I looked over at Scooter and he was stunned but didn’t say a word.

Take notes fellas this is how real men do it – Cardi said in a braggadocious way.

Then he did the unthinkable. He told Ashley to lay back on the mattress. He started kissing down her body, lifting her shirt and suckin her tits. Then he lifted her skirt and lowered her panties. Then he put his nose right in her midsection, which I thought was weird, but he wasn’t smelling, he stuck his long tongue out and started licking her pussy. I was stunned. Scooter nudge me on the arm and made a yuck face. We just watched as Cardi put on a show. After a few Ashley started squirming around and moaning. That made my dick hard. Cardi was workin her good with his tongue. This goes on for about 10 minutes.

Ohh Cadier I want that big dick in me – Ashley

Damn daddy give me that dick – Ashley

I never seen Ashley beg before. Ashley leans up and like a thirsty hoe rips open Cardi pants and pull down his stylish boxer briefs. When his boxers lowered past his dick, it sprung out and was pointing straight forward. Because I saw his dick before I knew what to expect. Now I would never laugh at a guy because of his dick size. But in that moment Ashley laughed so hard that it made me turn away to keep Cardi from seein me. But that didn’t last long as Scooter showed no mercy and laughed as well. 

OMG he got a baby dick – Ashley

And another round of laughter started. 


Take notes fella this is how real men do it – Scooter 

Scooter pushed Cardi over in the corner with me. It only took 5 more seconds before his shorts were down releasing his 7.5 inches and 2 more seconds before he was smashing Ashley with her legs up on his shoulders. Most the time when Scooter fuck Ashley he sneaks out in the morning and I dont get to see. However, I can tell he was being extra to show Cardi who the man really is.

He was fuckin Ashley good. I was hard as fuck and it was making me precum. I pull my dick out and starts strokin. Cardi went from lookin down and sad to staring at my dick. I made eye contact with him to let him no it was ok. I felt bad for laughing at him and wanted to make him feel wanted. I reached over to touch his dick but he pushed me off. I just stroked my dick as he stared at me not sayin a word.

Scooter was fuckin Ashley for about 10 minutes when Ashley called me over. While she was on her back, she grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth. I instinctively started fuckin her face. It wasn’t much longer before Scooter started moaning and pulls out and blasted on Ashley’s stomach. That caused me to bust right down her throat. 

After we come down from our orgasm, I turn around.

Aye where Cardi go – ME

I don’t know – Scooter

I didn’t even see him leave – ME

Fuck let’s go find him – Scooter

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