#14 Where’s Cardi?

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Leaving Ashley recovering on that mattress in the woods, we pulled up our pants and took off running down the path. We ran all the way back home and Cardi was nowhere to be found. Scooter was getting upset and didn’t wanna get in trouble.

Where the fuck he go? This the shit that pisses me off – Scooter

I’mma go down toward David house to see if he went that way. You go the other way. – Scooter

Scooter starts walking, I look over at his bike and grab it. I ride around a couple blocks when I see Cardi walking near the corner store. I called his name but he ignores me. When I catch up to him I ditch the bike on the side of the store and start walking next to him. I see streams of tears down his face. I didn’t know what do say. So I just grabbed him and gave him a big hug. He fought me off at first then started crying on my shoulder. 

We were standing near the rear of the corner store. We walked a short distance in an alley separating the store and some woods. Cardi sat down on a couple cinder blocks and I sat next to him.

It’s gonna be ok – ME

Bro no it’s not, sometimes I just wish I was someone else – Cardi

I know the feeling – ME

Whatever you don’t have the problem that I have. No girl is gonna like me. – Cardi

But it seems like all the girls like you. – ME

Everywhere we go you find girls who are attracted to you. – ME

Just watching you in the mall made me jealous. Man, you look like the people on TV, your so cool and fun, your body is ripped, your tall, man, people are genuinely attracted to you. – ME

You just saying that. – Cardi

How many girls have gave you their number- ME

Hundreds!! – Cardi said with a cocky smirk

See I’ve never got a girl number – Me

Whatever you got Ashley – Cardi

Naw, I swear I never fucked her or talked to her on the phone – ME

Why not, she cute – Cardi

Because she did me the same way she did you. She saw my dick and said it was too big and was scared. – ME

I wish my dick was big like yours, Nothin worse than having a small dick. – Cardi
You just come out the bathroom naked swing your dick like your Mandingo I would never let people see me naked- Cardi

I didn’t ask for a big dick. I don’t even know what’s the big deal about having a big dick. -ME

It’s because you’re younger than me – Cardi

I guess but I’m tellin you that everyone likes you and I like you – ME

You do? – Cardi

Yeah man the energy you have, how easy you are to talk to, your fun to be around… I feel close to you already and its only been a couple days – ME

Whatever – Cardi

Real Talk – ME

Cardi stood up and wiped his face and I stood up next to him. 

Can I? – Cardi

I nodded my head and Cardi reached over and grabbed my soft dick through my pants.

Are you hard? – Cardi

Naw – ME

That bitch is twice as big as mine when soft – Cardi

I laughed 

Hey – Cardi

Whats up – ME

If you tell anyone you saw me cry I will cut your dick off – Cardi

Dang you don’t have to be so violent – ME

I mean it – Cardi

Look everything we do and say will always stay between us – ME

I reached my hand out to shake his hand. Cardi pushed it away and gave me a hug. We walked out the alley and into the corner store.

Hey grab you something – CArdi

Naw I’m good – ME

Nigga stop actin that way and grab you something – Cardi

I grabbed some sour gummy worms.

Let’s get something to drink too – Cardi

So walked to the back and got soft drinks. When we walked back to the front and put our snacks on the counter. It came up to $ 9.21. Cardi reached into his pocket and pulled out a cool leather wallet. Being nosey I glanced over and he had a stack of hundred dollar bills in there. He pulled out a twenty and paid for the snacks then we walked by toward the house. 

Once we got to my block, I heard the sounds of the basketball court.

They got a basketball court around here – Cardi

That’s Scooter friend David. He got a hoop by his house. – ME

Let’s go hoop bro. I’ll put that shake and bake on you bro. – Cardi

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