#15 David Goes Down

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I just gave him a look. Mostly because I didn’t want to fool around with David, but it seems like Cardi is back in good spirits so I just went along with it. When we got to the cul-da-sac Scooter, Tim, Gerald and Jason were playing. Cardi and I sat on the curb waiting for the game to be over. After the game ended Cardi got up and introduced himself to everyone. He such a smooth talker. We pick teams and Cardi takes his Shirts off, exposing his ripped abs and chest. Then he took off his shorts and just wore the shorts he had under them. 

Just before the game was about to start David came outside.

What’s the score – David

We haven’t started yet – Tim

Let me take your spot – David

I just got here – Tim

So what it’s my court – David

Whatever man I got to leave anyway – Tim

Give me the ball my team get ball first – David

Who is this dude – Cardi

The best hooper out here – David

We’ll see, take it out – Cardi

Cardi walked over toward David and started guarding him. David is about 6’2 and Cardi is about 6 foot. Cardi was all over him. David could hardly get the ball and when he did Cardi would steal it or block his shot. Cardi had a sweet jumper and was really making David look average. David was getting frustrated and slammed the ball on the ground and it bounced up and hit me on the side of the face. That shit hurt and I grabbed the side of my face. A split second later Cardi ran over and pushed David to the ground. Right them Scooter and Gerald got between them. David didn’t say anything as if he met his match. He just walked over and picked up the ball and went in the house. 

Cardi went over to the curb to pick up his clothes right after Gerald gave him a big high five. Suddenly Cardi was the center of attention again while we walked down the street. On the way back we stopped at Jason house and was just hanging out on his porch. We were over there for a few hours. I was mostly just there in the background I would chime in most the time. But they were having deep conversations about girls and pussy and experience that they had that I just had not had yet. 

Yo Scooter you about ready – Cardi

Oh shit you getting tired – Scooter

Naw man the girls know I can go all night – Cardi

Nigga, you tired – Scooter

Hey Scoot you get your ass whooped in Madden real fast – Jason

Man you know you cant beat me – Scooter

Hey here the key I’ll meet you to there are I finish whoopin this dude – Scooter

Cardi and I walked back to the house. When we got there no one was home. We walked upstairs and Cardi sat on Scooter bed. We both were a little musty but since Cardi was there I didn’t want to leave him by himself while I was showering.

How long they gonna be playing the game – Cardi

Man Scotter does whatever he wants. He could be there all night. – ME

Well shit my balls are sweaty. I need to shower – Cardi

Mine too, you can shower first if you want – ME

Naw you can go first – Cardi


I walked into the bathroom and turned the water on. Almost instantly the sound of the running water made me have to pee real bad. I pulled up the toilet seat and started to pee. Then I took my shirt off and looked in the mirror before lowering my shorts and boxers in one motion. As soon as I was naked Cardi opens the door.

Hey man I need a towel – Cardi

I grabbed the door and opened it up 

Damn your dick is huge – Cardi

Feeling more comfortable with him, I playfully grabbed my dick and started swinging it like a helicopter. 

Damn man, I wish my dick was that big – Cardi

Oh yeah – ME

Yeah man, the girls already love me. I guess if I had a huge dick too it wouldn’t be fair. – Cardi

We both laughed

You a cool dude – ME

Hey don’t be long I feel icky – Cardi

I grabbed a towel and handed it to him then he walked back to the room. I took a quick 5 min shower and got out so that Cardi could have more time I didn’t bother drying off and just wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out and into the room. Cardi was sitting there on the bed.

I’m surprised you didn’t come out naked – Cardi 

Naw – I said with a smile

Shower’s yours – ME

Cardi got up and walked past me and into the shower. I went into my duffle bag and grabbed a pair of boxers. I normally wear shorts too but I didn’t want to wear them all in the first few days. I finished drying off, then put the boxers on then made a pallet on the floor with the blankets and pillows.
By this time Cardi had got out the shower and talked into the room buck naked. I didn’t say a word and just stared at him. His golden brown skin displayed every ripple in his abs and ever shred of muscle on his arms and legs. And although his dick was soft he had big balls. Considering all the things that happened today, I was shocked he would come out naked. 

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