#16 No Homo Bro

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Yo you got some extra shorts I didn’t bring a change of clothes – Cardi

Hmmm yeah I think Scooter has some – ME

Hell Naw I don’t want to wear that nigga shorts. You know what he be doin – Cardi

We both laughed as I reached into my duffle bag and grabbed the shorts I was gonna put on.

Man after that shower I feel good I’m not even tired no more – Cardi said as he sat on the bed.

What do yall do here – Cardi

It’s nothing to do really. That’s why we are always outside – ME

Let’s see what movie he got – Cardi said as he grabbed the remote and hit play on the DVD player

As soon as it turned on all you hear is moaning and fuck sounds.

Yooo! Yo cousin a freak – Cardi

I know man he stay jacking off or fuckin all day – ME

This video is hot tho- Cardi

We starred at the video for a while

You know whats fucked up – Cardi

What – ME

We done watched 2 scenes of this flick and your dick bigger than both the dudes. – Cardi

I just laughed

Why you lookin at the dudes – ME

Man shit I like seein a nigga fuck a bitch – Cardi
I be takin notes and shit! I got a computer at home I be watchin porn all the time – Cardi

I never really watched porn before – ME

You don’t jack off to porn – Cardi

I just learned about jackin off this summer – ME

Damn you a rookie, so have you fucked a girl before – Cardi

Naw I havent yet – ME

Damn I would of thought you would have been wreckin pussies by now – Cardi
So you really didnt fuck Ashley – Cardi

Naw man we were about to then she saw my dick and was like hell now – ME

Damn thats fucked up – Cardi
You know what? – Cardi

What – ME

I think Ashley is a hoe. She seems like one of those girls that just let everyone smash. – Cardi

I think she does – ME

Shit I’m glad I didn’t fuck her then. I got standards – Cardi

I just let her suck my dick – ME

See my dick not that big so I dont be puttin it in girls faces like that but I’ll hit it tho cuz when the lights off noone knows – Cardi

Nigga! – ME

What? – Cardi

You got a wet spot in my shorts!!! – ME

Oh shit my bad its this porn – Cardi

Cardi looks around like he was searching for a solution. Then he just lowered the shorts and his dick was standing straight up and was glossy wet.

Did you cum? – ME

No that’s prenut – Cardi

Whats that me- ME

Its like makes your dick wet so u can slide in girl easier – Cardi

Oh – ME

Yeah, my dick be leakin prenut all the time. It makes it feel better when you jack off- Cardi

What does it feel like? – ME

Touch it – Cardi

I reached over and grabbed his dick and it was wet and slippery. Cardi started moaning as if it felt good so i didn’t let go. After a few seconds, he leaned back as if to give me full access to his dick. Reading between the lines I started to jack him off.

Damn that feel good. I think I had blue balls from earlier – Cardi

I just kept stroking him. When he got up on the bed and laid back. I followed and he grabbed my dick and we continued to stroke each other.

Man man yo shit so big I need 2 hands – Cardi

He started moaning his approval. Suddenly Cardi dick didn’t seem so small. I mean it was small but I still kinda liked playing with it while he played with mine. 

I wish my dick was this big. I would be a porn star fuckin girls all the time. – Cardi

No homo bro but I like playing with your dick. – Cardi

The extra skin looked weird at first but it’s actually fun to play with – Cardi

He said that as he pulled the skin back exposing my pink head. His head was very close to my dick. He was unknowingly teasing me. By now Cardi had got on his knees while stroking my dick. I looked down towards him playing with my dick. I could see his dick fully hard with a long string of precum hanging down from his dick like a loose rope, all the way down to the bed. Instincts took over and I grabbed Cardi head and pushed my dick into his mouth. 

Naw Nigga I’m not gay – Cardi

What u mean – me

I’m just not with that gay shit. I know it looks funny but I just am curious about your freakishly long dick. – Cardi

I didn’t think u was gay – me

So why you try to put your dick in my mouth – Cardi

Because it feels good. – Me

Cardi stopped to think for a second…

I’ll suck yours if you suck mine – Cardi

Ok – me

Cardi turned around so that his dick was in my face and my dick was in his. I went first and licked his dick. It was the first time I ever tasted dick before.Cardi soon did the same and we were sucking each other’s dick.

This mofo is so big – Cardi

Cardi was worshipping my dick. He had both hands on it while his tongue and mouth swirled around the head of my dick. Suddenly he pushed me off his dick. His dick was so hard it was turning red. He spun around and got between my legs. He was still stroking my dick when we heard a noise. We both stopped suddenly and got real quiet. 

Come here – I told Cardi as I got up off the bed.

He followed me into the bathroom and I closed then locked the door. We embraced each other chest to chest dick to dick. His dick was pointing straight out poking me while mine hung down. I got up and sat on the sink. Cardi grabbed my dick and started strokin it. Slow at first then faster and faster. I reached over and grabbed his dick which had a long clear string of fluid hanging off of it. I rubbed the fluid on his dick and it was slippery. Then he pushed my hand away.

You gonna make me cum – Cardi

So I reached back down and started stroking his dick real slow. It didn’t take long before Cardi started moaning, he steps back a half of step and started shooting ropes of cum all over my legs and dick. The sight of him cumming sent me over and I started cumming without even jackin. 

Damn you cum allot – me

My bad – Cardi

It’s all over my leg – me

Mane that was so good I could barely stand. – Cardi

In that moment Cardi collapse on the floor and leans back against the way. We both just sit there in silence. After a few minutes, we are both startled when we heard someone turning the door knob. I look over and can see the knob moving side to side.

Cardi you in here? Where ya’ll at? – Scooter yelled.

Cardi jumped up quick and had a scared look like we just been caught. I grabbed my face towel and wiped up the drying up nut that had collected on my leg. I walked up to the door and cracked it.

Scooter you here? – ME

Yeah man – Scooter said while walking back toward the bathroom.

Where Cardi? – Scooter

Man, I think he downstairs, while you down there can you get me a drying towel from the bathroom downstairs? – ME

As soon as Scooter hit the stairs, Cardi ran out the bathroom and put his clothes back on that were on the floor in the bedroom. I put water on my body and waited for Scooter to come back with the towel. He handed me the towel through the door and I walked out into the bedroom.

When you get up here? – Scooter said to Cardi

I been up here – Cardi

Naw I was just up here and didn’t see you – Scooter

Cardi fucked up that lie so I dropped my towel to create a distraction. 

Bro cover that thing up – Cardi

Man you are wildn’ out – Scooter

I came here to see if you wanted to go to this girl named Jaime. Her parents are gone and I and Gerald are going over there. – Scooter

Werd! What she look like? – Cardi

Bro she a baddie, cute face, tight waist, phat all. – Scooter

Hell yeah you know I’m down. – Cardi

You stay here lil big man, you not old enough. – Scooter said to me

They spray on some smell good spray and head outside. 

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