#18 Bump And Grind

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I quickly turn over to face the other direction. I cant believe that I was sleep and was grinding on Cardi. My dick was out of my boxers and I had precum on Cardi ass. He is gonna beat me if he finds out. Right as I reached down to tuck my dick back into the fly of my boxers, Cardi turns over facing me. I could feel his dick poking my butt. 

Don’t stop – Cardi

Maybe he didn’t realize his dick was poking my ass so I turned around again now facing him. He grabbed my dick and started stroking it. 

Stop Scooter is here, what are you doing. – Me

No, he got up and went to Ashley house – Cardi

Why are you touching me – ME

I don’t know. I like to do it. It’s something about you that I can’t resist. – Cardi

You a good friend and it felt good talking to you, being cuddled up next to you. My dick is so small but I can tell in your dreams that you liked my ass. – Cardi

Cardi then turns back around and puts his ass back on my dick and started grinding. Realizing now that’s what he wanted I grind back. My chest against his back. My dick against his ass. My legs crossed with his legs. Cardi turns toward the ground and I naturally get on top of him and begin to fuck him. My foreskin and precum allowing me to stroke my dick up his ass crack. Cardi ass so as soft it felt so good as my dick slides back and forth across his skin. I was really grinding my dick on his ass as he started to arch his ass up some. This was the closest I ever came to fuckin someone before and I was so turned on. That it caught me off guard and I started to cum all across his back.

His back was soaked with clear, white cum. After a minute he turned over, now laying on his stomach and started to jack off. I’m still between his legs as I get a clear view of Cardi stroking his dick with 2 fingers. Cardi lifts his legs and for the first time, I see his asshole. Cardi is light skinned and his asshole is very pink. He grabbed my dick and started stroking my dick while he stroked his own. While he was stroking my dick he was rubbing it against his ass hole. I was lowkey grossed out about the idea of my dick touching his ass hole. But it was Cardi, he was my friend, and I wanted him to be happy. It didn’t take long before he was firing rockets of cum, some of it even landed on his face. WOW he cums a lot. After a moment he pulls me down on him and now I’m laying chest to chest with his cum between us. 

Do you like me? – Cardi said

Of course, I like you – ME

I like you too – Cardi

Then he did something weird. He tried to kiss me. I didn’t want to kiss him, he’s a guy. I didn’t even kiss girls. I turned my head and just laid on top of him until he pushed me over and said he got to go home. Wait, was he mad? Did I do something wrong? 

Cardi got up and went to the bathroom. I just laid on the floor wondering what is happening. When Cardi came back in he was on his cell phone talking to his dad. Things were kinda normal, Scooter came back 15 minutes later and we were all chilling and laughing. Then Cardi’s dad came and he had to go. 

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