#19 Naptime

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Cardi just left and now it was back to just me and Scooter.

So what yall do last night – ME

Bro, you should have came with us it was so much fun. Jaime threw a back to school party it was a lot of people there dancing and chilling – Scooter

You told me I wasn’t old enough – Me

That’s what I thought but it was a bunch of people there, some your age. – Scooter

I know Cardi had a field day with all the girls. – Me

They were all over him until it got late. – Scooter

What happened when it got late – Me

Allot of people left and we decided to play truth or dare. – Scooter

What’s that? – Me

It’s game where you dare each other to do stuff. And these girls wanted to fuck Cardi I could tell. They dared him to pull his dick out. – Scooter

Damn that’s like his kryptonite – Me

I know I couldn’t even save him. What made it worse was at first he wouldn’t do it that made it seem like he had something to hide. Then when he did pull it out David pulled his out too and David dick is way bigger compared to Cardi’s. – Scooter

I guess David got him back. – David

Boy did he ever, plus Cardi was talking to all the girls there, you know they be all over him. So as soon as the guys had a reason to hate on him They went non stop. – Scooter

Dang then what? – me

Cardi ended up leaving early. I stayed because the more we played the freakier things got. – Scooter

What freaky things you do? – Me

Shit not much just got my dick sucked. -Scooter

What’s the big deal about having a big dick? – Me

Penis Envy – Scooter

What you mean? – Me

Dicks are like trophies. If you win an award and its just a plain ol’ small trophy no one cares. But if you win a big trophy you show it off to everyone and brag about it. But at the end of the day no matter what size your trophy is they all mean that you won or earned something. – Scooter

That kinda makes sense – Me

Between me and you. You have a huge trophy in your pants and girls are gonna wanna see it and touch it just because it’s so big. But it doesn’t mean they are gonna like you because of it. It’s just like watching the news, they always show the weird stories because they are different. Your dick is different and people will wanna try it because of that. So you got to be careful. – Scooter

I’m not worried about that. I know you Brandon, Cardi, David, Gerald and all the rest be so horny for sex. I just don’t feel that way. – Me

But you will just give it time. You will be so into girls. – Scooter

Is it weird that guys want to see it too? – me

At your age it’s fine. You’ll grow out of it. But with a dick your size, guys will want to see it too. It doesn’t make you gay. Its like this. Girls like big dicks. Some guys want to know how their dick compare to other guys. Since we wear pants and underwear all day it’s hard to tell. But trust me even the most manly guy will try to check out other guys, not because he likes them, but just to compare. – Scooter

You know a lot about this stuff – me

Well things happened to me when I was younger – Scooter

What happened? – me

It’s kinda deep you sure you wanna know? -Scooter

Yeah – me

How about this is you remember to remind me later I’ll tell you about it – Scooter

Ok – me

Why not now? – Me

Scooter got up and turned the tv on.

Were you and Cardi watching my DVD? – Scooter

It was on when we turned the tv on – me

Did you and Cardi do anything with each other? – Scooter

I didn’t say a word and pretended like I didn’t hear him. I look over and Scooter had his dick out. His dick was semi-long but pretty thick. The head of his dick was wrinkled a lil bit. One thing I liked about Scooter. He just did what he wanted it didn’t care who was around. I’m always thinking about what other people might think about me. But not Scooter. If he horny, he’s gonna whip it out and that’s what he did.

This time it was different though because he just played and slow stroked his dick for a long time. After watching for about 30 minutes.

Bro your big ass trophy is hanging out your boxers – Scooter

I look Down and he’s right my dick was hard and going down my leg and outside the boxers I had put on last night. It was also of wet prenut in my leg as well. Not allot like Cardi his dick leaked a lot. 

I pulled my dick up and out of the fly off the boxers. My dick, even when hard, curved down. I slowly start to stroke it. I don’t know why but I didn’t feel like jacking off. But I just played with my dick because Scooter was. I didn’t really stroke just played with it from time to time. 

We ended up watching the entire 2-hour video. On the very last scene, Scooter came at the same time the guy on the last scene came. I don’t know why but seeing Scooter face, his muscles flex, his body tense up and his cum fire out of his dick made me instantly cum too. We both just laid there, recovering, or I was recovering because Scooter was knocked out sleep. I had nut all over me but I didn’t want to get up or move or wake him. I had 2 choices I could grab one of his cummy socks. I look over but I just couldn’t do it. So I turned over chest down and all the cum that was on me was now soaking into the bed.


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