#21 It Sucked

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It’s Monday morning. I wake up and of course, Scooter is gone. I really didn’t wanna go to school so I didn’t say nothing at all and just laid on the floor. 

Aunt Judy knocks on the door.

Baby boy it’s time you get up. I got to take you to get registered for school – Aunt Judy

Ok – me

Hurry up because I got to go to work early today. – Aunt Judy

I jump up and get in the shower. It’s the first day so I make sure to wash all my 2000 parts. Behind my ear, back of my neck, underarm, navel… When I get to my dick I gently pull the skin back. Lately, since I been jacking off, it’s been a building up of white stuff in there. I make sure to clear that out. The head of my dick is so sensitive that it’s hard to touch without sending shockwaves through my body. I wash my balls and wash down my legs. Then I turn around and let the warm water cascade down my back. I spread my legs some and now can feel the water running down my ass crack. I soap up real good then clean my ass before stepping out the shower.

I quickly get dressed and head downstairs. Aunt Judy was just finishing putting her makeup on.

Once we got to the school we sat in the office for a while she filled out forms. Then we went back to the counselor office.

How you doing young man I’m Mr. Johnson – Mr. Johnson

I reach out to shake his hand.

And this is your Aunt? Mr. Johnson 

I’m Judith nice to meet you. – Aunt Judy

I was looking at his records and I noticed he been to a lot of schools. – Mr. Johnson

Yeah his parents aren’t stable so he moves around a lot – Aunt Judy

Well, we can definitely enroll him but it won’t be official until we get some of his records from his last school. I also see that he was on the free lunch program based on his parents’ income which was really low. Would you like to sign him up for that again? – Mr. Johnson

Yes please – Aunt Judy

Alright well, he is set. Looking at the time it’s almost lunch now. I’ll show him to his 5th-period class. – Mr. Johnson

Alright well, I got to go to work. Make sure you go straight home after school ok. Give auntie a kiss. – Aunt Judy

I give her a kiss on the cheek and start walking with Mr. Johnson to my 5th hours class. When I walk in all the kids were up loud and moving around. I just sat in the back. 

After 5th period we went to lunch. After going through the long line to get my food I sat down at a table that was only half full. About 5 minutes later I hear a familiar voice. I look up and it’s Ashley.

What you doing here – Ashley

I go to school here – me

I thought you were in high school – me

I got held back a year – Ashley

Dang you flunked – me

No, if you really wanna know I got caught sucking a guy dick in the gym closet. – Ashley

Really – me

Yeah, it sucked … literally -Ashley

I laughed

Why you come sit next to me? – me

I don’t know you make me feel different than the rest of the guys. – Ashley

You don’t have any female friends? – me

Naw, fuck them bitches. – Ashley

Well alright then. Are you friends with all the guys?

Most of them. – Ashley

Have you done stuff with most of them? – Me

No but alot of them. – Ashley

How many is alot? – Me

A lot – Ashley

More than 10? – me

Maybe – Ashley

More than 25? – Me

Maybe… – Ashley

More than 50? – Me

So you coming over after school – Ashley

I don’t know – me

Well, i want you to come over but not with your friend just you. – Ashley

Why Just me? – me

She reaches down and put her hand on my thigh. I get Insta brick. 

Your special. I never had a guy like you before. You know the way you make me feel. – Ashley

How did I make you feel? – Me

When we did that on Sunday. I never had someone to make my body feel that way. It was Amazing – Ashley

Right after she said that the bell rings. I stayed there after Ashley left waiting for my dick to go down. But it didn’t. With nothing to hide it with, I just reached into my pants and pushed it down my leg. 

I don’t understand what she means but I made her feel different. I really am starting to regret I had sex with her. I really didn’t want to. Sometimes when I get upset or lonely I make poor decisions. I really just wanted to fuck David.

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