#23 Why Me?

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When I woke up it was just like any other day. Scooter had left out early. I woke up a little late but the school was nearby so I just walked. While walking down the hallways I did see Jason. All the other guys who play basketball on David’s hoop were in high school. The morning was uneventful. With it just being the second day they were still passing out books and doing get to know you type of stuff. 

After 5th period I got my lunch and I was gonna sit down by a group of guys from that class but Ashley saw me and waved me over to sit next to her. 

Why you sitting over here alone? – me

Too many haters around here so I just stick to myself. – Ashley

Yeah, my aunt warned me about that but you still shouldn’t be sitting alone. – me

If you were so worried about me being alone you should have came over this morning – Ashley

Naw I never even thought about it plus that’s Scooter time. – me

I guess – Ashley

You don’t like scooter no more – me

It’s not that – Ashley

Well, what is it? – me

Well u remember the other day when it was you David Gerald and Scooter – Ashley

Yeah – me

I’ve never felt that way before. – Ashley

Really – me

Your dick is so big I didn’t think I could take it but I was wrong. The way you were aggressive and held me down you had my body shaking in ways it never shook before. – Ashley

That was my first time. I’m sure I can do it better. – me

I think that was the first time I ever had a real orgasm – Ashley

Ohhhhhhh that’s why your body was trembling – me

I want that feeling again – Ashley

But what about David and Scooter – me

Scooter is nice but he doesn’t got what u have. I just like him because he likes to do it as much as I do. – Ashley

Have you told him that – Me

Oh no, he actually treats me better than everyone else does but I don’t want him I want you. – Ashley

But that’s my cousin – me

I want you to come over after school – Ashley

Why – me

She leans in close.

I want you to fuck me like you did the first time. – Ashley

The lunch bell sounds and I get up to dump my tray and head to 6th period

6th period was computer technology. The school was so poor that it was only 15 computers and we all had to share. The teacher was cool and let everyone choose their own partners. I didn’t know anyone so I just waited to see who was left. So while everyone was picking a partner I sent to pick a computer way in the back. I see this one gothic looking white boy who was going desk to desk but nobody wanted to be his partner. I suddenly decided if no-one wanted to be his partner it must be a reason so the first guy I see walk by…

Hey you got a partner – me

No, not yet – the guy 

Right then I regretted speaking to him. Something about him was weird but it was too late as he came to sit next to me.

I’m Kyrie – The guy

I’m Tony – me

Are you new here – Kyrie

Yeah just moved here 2 weeks ago – me

Oh ok that’s why I haven’t seen you around – Kyrie

Yeah – me

Kyrie turned out to be a cool guy he just talked allot. I mean all the time. 

I never owned a computer so I let Kyrie sit in front of the keyboard as the teacher instructs us that we will be partners for the semester. Kyrie got really happy. And wrapped his arm around me and squeezed me with a semi-hug. Like Cardi, he had a lot of energy and I liked it. But I’m not used to the touching and hugging.

So have you made friends here yet? – Kyrie

Kinda but not really any friends of my own – me

Huh? – Kyrie

Well, I moved with my cousin and I’m cool with done of his friends. – me

Who’s your cousin? – Kyrie

His name Daron but we call him scooter – me

Oh your scooter cousin wow I never would of guessed – Kyrie

Yeah – me

So you be hanging out with the older boys -Kyrie

I guess – me

The Teacher starts giving instructions. I could tell Kyrie was a whiz at computers so I let him do everything. 

7th and 8th period was uneventful and I was ready to leave. I really don’t like being around a bunch of people.

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  1. things seem to be getting normal but chick is loving you which go make cuz upset

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