#24 Rosie Palmer

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As I left school and start walking down the street I see the white boy from the computer class. I instantly thought how weird it must be for him to be going to a mostly black school. So I crossed the street and ended up walking next to him. Being shy I didn’t say anything.

Hey, I think I saw you in my 6th period u got computer tech right. – white boy

Yeah – me

Awesome man my name is Chet – Chet
I’m Tony – me

Yeah I heard about you – Chet

What u hear – me

U was talking to Ashley – Chet

Oh yeah during lunch – me

U trying to get some of her. – Chet

Naw but you must be – me

Oh no no no no no besides I got a girlfriend. I be banging her all the time when her parents aren’t home. – Chet

Damn you must do it all the time – me

Oh no she so scared to get caught is only 1 weekend a month that both her parents work at the same time. – Chet

Once a month sounds like a long wait – me

Super long bro but I like her so it’s worth it Besides I just steal my dad nude magazines and I have fun with Rosie Palmer and her five friends – Chet

She go out our school too? – me

Chet bust out laughing

Nooo Rosie Palmer isn’t a person – Chet

I still didn’t get it.

You ever masturbate? – Chet

Okay this dude is way too comfortable talking about this stuff.

No what’s that? – I lied

Follow me Chet said as we went between some houses and into someone backyard.

Come this way – Chet continues as we walk up to a shed and Chet opens the door.

As we walk inside its a lawnmower a bunch of tools and a wall in the back full of pegs. As we walked back there begging the pegs wall was a small gap with a beanbag. Chet sat on the beanbag while I stood there.

Don’t just stand there come sit down. – Chet

It was kinda dark but enough daylight shined through to see. I reluctantly went to sit on the beanbag with Chet and he reached back and grabbed a magazine from a crate. Right on the front cover, it was a thick cute white woman with big titties. 

I have been in this situation before and I know how this ends. At this point in my life, my experience with white people was that they loved to share the things they are into with no fear. Sometimes I wish I could be that way but I had way too much to lose. I got a feeling Chet was about to share with me his favorite past time.

Dude, you really don’t know what Rosie Palmer is? – Chet said while flipping through their pages.

No – me

He shows me a page with a white guy holding his penis in his hand.

You never stroke your cock before? – Chet

You mean Jack off? – Me 

Yeah – Chet

Naw man – me I lied again

Well, I do it all the time. I do it right back here in my shed where none can see me. – Chet

Why don’t u just bring your girlfriend back here – Me

Because she thinks it’s creepy in here and she gets kinda loud. – Chet

So is it true what they say about black guys – Chet

Is it true what they say about white people – me

What they say. – Chet

White people have no ass lol – me

Chet stands up and pulled his pants down.

Yep it’s true for me anyway – Chet said while pulling his pants back up

Now it’s your turn – Chet

What? – me

Is it true that black guys have big dicks – Chet

Oh no it’s not true – me

Let me see – Chet

No that’s weird – me

No, it’s not I showed you – Chet

Your a dude and I’m a dude and besides I’m not even hard – Me

Here just look at the magazine – Chet

No I don’t want to see it this is getting weird – me

I understand just to prove it I’ll go first. – Chet

Chet raised his hips and lowers this briefs he was completely soft. His dick was shriveled up and tiny with a thick bush of hair above it and low hanging balls.

He showed me his hand.

This is Rosie Palmer and these are her 5 friends and he wiggled his fingers. He spit into his hand and wrapped his hand around his tiny dick and started stroking it. It wasn’t seeing him naked or the fact he was jacking off next to me that made me feel weird but more so that this dude is way too comfortable doing this. I wish I was as comfortable as he and scooter were. But I’m not. But what I am is competitive.

As Chet kept stroking his dick. It was getting longer and longer. It was actually incredible because it didn’t stop growing. His dick was easily longer than David’s and thicker than Scooter. He grinned as he shook this dick. 

I’m not going to be outdone by this white boy. I raised my hips and lowers my boxers. Unlike Chet, my dick is pretty long when it’s soft. I grabbed my dick and started stroking the foreskin and my dick quickly got hard and surpassed Chet’s but not by much. 

Holy shit you’re actually bigger than me. – Chet

What u expect I’m black – me as I laughed

Man this shit is bullshit you know that – Chet

So u did all this to prove you were bigger than me – Me

Naw not really I was just surprised you didn’t know about Rosie Palmer – Chet

Yeah I learned how to beat my meat this summer – me

Oh I been doing it since I was 8 -Chet

Wow how yu learn – me

From my brothers – Chet 

So can I touch it – Chet

I guess if you want – me

Chet reached over and wrapped his small hands around my dick.

It’s so big and long and thicker than my dad’s – Chet

You saw your dad hard – me

Yeah plenty of times – Chet

The weirdness meter just went off the charts. After he took his hand off my dick I tucked him away.

Hey, Chet, I got to go – Me

We both stood up. This dick was still hard and was hanging out of his pants. I’m still stunned his dick was that big. He tucked it away avid we walked out.

Yeah, this is my house if you ever wanna come over and play videos games with me you can. – Chet

Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow – me as I waved bye and started walking down the street.

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  1. always good to have a cool white boy in your corner though lol

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