#26 I Can’t Breathe

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Ughhhhh. I can’t breathe. What’s going on? Get off of me. – Me

Once I finally came to I just laid there in shock. Slowly realizing what was happening. My ass crack was wet. Someone was on top of me. The bed was squeaking. Their body weight was on top of mine making it hard time breathing. Something was rubbing against my ass. I hear a moan in my ear. Then a warm fluid was squirted across my bad. 

I opened my eyes and it was Scooter.

He just laid there next to me. After the shock wore off. I realized what really just happened. 

Scooter just fucked me. 

I was horrified. And I jumped up.

I’m going to tell – me

Scooter grabbed me and tossed me on the bed. Then trapped me again the wall.

Why you put your dick in me! – me

Shut up I didn’t do that. If I did you would be in so much pain. – Scooter

How you know – me

Because it happened to me before. – scooter

What – me

Look I’m sorry for grinding on you but I’m so fuckin horny. And you ruined the only pussy I had. – Scooter

Well, I’m not your pussy. And I don’t even like Ashley. I don’t want her and I told her that. – Me

Yeah, whatever. I knew I shouldn’t have never took you back there. – Scooter

Scooter why do u like sex so much – me

I don’t know – scooter

How long you been doing this – me

Since I was 9 years old – scooter

What happened? – Me

Mom wanted to go out with some guy. So this girl who used to live in the neighborhood came over to babysit. I had spilled some food on my clothes and she took me upstairs to change. While she helped me change clothes she stripped me down. While helping me put my underwear on, I got a woodie. She laughed and touched it. It felt funny and made me giggle. When she saw me laugh she did it again and again. And she did it like she was tickling me.

After that, we went to watch tv. But I wanted to play some more so I pulled it out and she told me not to do it. But after 5 or six more times she gave in and started tickling my dick some more.

It became our game when she babysits me. If went on for years until I was 11 when we played the tickle game and she went down and sucked my dick. It felt so good I wanted it all the time. A few weeks later she taught me how to fuck her. And we did it every day for months. – Scooter

Wow why you stop – me

I was fuckin her one day and mom came home early and caught us fuckin. And that was the end of that. But I promised her I wouldn’t have sex again until I was old enough. – scooter

Are u addicted to sex? – me

No, I mean not more than the next guy my age. It’s like once you have sex it changes your life. Your body wants it and craves it. I know u don’t understand but you will. – scooter

Well, I’m sorry I don’t even like sex. I’m not going to have sex with Ashley again. She is all yours. – me

Scooter gave me a big hug to show his approval.

Ugh you still got nut on your back – Scooter laughed

He reached over and wiped it off with his sock.

Sorry for punching you earlier. I was just mad. – scooter

You and your big dick was taking away from Ashley. – Scooter

I didn’t ask for a big dick. I wish it was smaller. – me

That monster is big ass fuck you will like it one day. – scooter

I guess- me

Then scooter reached over and stroked my dick a few times. I got instantly hard.

This mofo is huge. – Scooter

Scooter continued to play with it as I fell asleep.

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