#29 Warm & Cold Shoulder

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Usain Bolt has nothing on me that afternoon. I ran down the alley, hurdles fences, did the triple jump past the ditch, and vaulted out that neighborhood. When I landed I ended up bumping into Kyrie.

Oh my god I was looking for you – Kyrie 

You were? – me

Yess I told you I would walk home with you so you didn’t have to walk with that creepy white boy. – Kyrie

Well I’m here now. – me

What’s you’re curfew? – Kyrie

Idk I guess I don’t have one – me

Omg you’re so lucky. Well your coming home with me ok? – Kyrie

Before I got a chance to respond he grabbed my hand and stayed walking away pulling me with him.

We get to his house and the inside is all nice and neat. He takes me to his bedroom. His room was so perfect. Something was out of place.

How you like my room? – Kyrie

It’s very neat – me

Thanks I like to keep it clean. I’m sure your room is nice too. – Kyrie

Actually I never had my own bedroom. – me

Really – Kyrie

Yeah – me

Why not? – Kyrie

Idk I guess my parents are poor – me

Oh ok… Wanna see my Yu-Gi – Oh cards – Kyrie

Sure – me

Kyrie goes and pulls out this binder full of cards and proceeds to talk my head off explaining all the different cards and what they all do. When we went through then all it was an hours later and he closed the binder and put it away

I stood up and looked out the window. His house was so nice. Right when I turned around he was right in front of me. I was a little taller than Kyrie and he was light skinned with pretty brown eyes. We just starred at each other forwhat seemed like minutes but was really like 5 seconds then Kyrie wrapped his arms around me in a big hug and leaned his head on my shoulder. A few moments later I could feel his dick getting hard which instantly made me get hard.

Kyrie immediately broke off the hug and apologized.

I’m sorry – Kyrie

Don’t be – me

So like is it really that big like that said at lunch – Kyrie

I guess so – me

You’re so lucky – Kyrie

Kyrie stepped back.

Hey Tony guess what? – Kyrie

What? – Danga

Let’s watch tv – Kyrie

Ok – Danga

We went to sit on the bed. I sat down first as Kyrie grabbed remote then he sat down next to me and laid his head on my lap.

We watched a couple showed when out of no where the room door flung open. This lady walks in.

Kyrie didn’t I tell you not to be having boys over the house when I’m not here. – Kyrie’s mom

I’m sorry mom this is Tony he my new friend. – Kyrie

Hi Tony. Kyrie you better keep this door open you hear me. – Kyrie’s mom

Yes ma’am – Kyrie

What was that all about. – me

I’ll tell you later – Kyrie

That’s cool I think I have to go anyways. – me

Noooo please don’t go. Please stay longer. – Kyrie

I want to but I haven’t been home yet. – me

I stood up and Kyrie hugged me.

But I don’t want you to go friend – Kyrie

I reached my arm around him and gave him a big hug. He looked me right in my eyes and I couldn’t help but to be hypnotized by his eyes and he just smiled at me. After that I went home.

When I got home it was about 7 pm. I went up to Scooter’s room. When I walked in he was sitting there.

Hey Scooter how are you? – me

He didn’t respond so I just left him alone. I should of stayed over Kyrie house. That boy can talk His butt off but I kinda like the attention he gives. 

Scooter didn’t say a word to me all evening. I just laid on the floor and watched TV. Until I went to sleep.

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