#2Cummy Socks

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Next morning, I woke up late. When I got up, Scooter was not in the room. I went downstairs and looked around; no one was in the house. I went back upstairs to the room and folded up my blanket, then placed it to the side with the pillow. I looked over and saw the sock that I had touched. I grabbed a pencil and picked it up. The sock was crusted and looked like someone soaked it in starch. This dude must cum a lot. I threw it back in the corner and sat on the bed. I couldn’t help but think this is where Scooter was beating his meat a few hours earlier but it was still more comfortable than the floor. As I was sitting on the bed, I looked over between the bed and the wall, and there was a collection of cum drenched socks. This dude must love beating his meat. A few minutes later, I hear the front door open and someone run up the stairs. It was Scooter.

SCOOTER – You finally woke up (he said, as he pulled off his shirt).

As his shirt went over his head, you couldn’t help see his dick print but before my curiosity allowed me to admire it, I was hit with this musty smell. Omg, he stinks!!!

ME – So what you been up to? 

SCOOTER – Just went down the street to Ashley’s house.

ME – Cool.

SCOOTER – Have you taken a shower yet?

ME – Naw.

SCOOTER – You can take one after me (then took off his shorts).

He was wearing no underwear under his shorts. I kinda shied away from looking, so I really didn’t get a good look at his dick. But I did see his butt as he walked into the bathroom. For a dude, Scooter has a fat ass.

I could hear the water come on, as I assume he got in the shower. Once he finished, he came out with a towel wrapped around his waist and used it to dry off, then he grabbed the same shorts he had taken off and put them back on. 

He came over and sat on the bed next to me.

SCOOTER – What you wanna do today?

I just shrugged my shoulders. 

SCOOTER – Why don’t you go take a shower? You stink.

This dude has some nerve as musty as he was and then put those same funky shorts back on. He got up and showed me the towels then closed the door behind me. I felt like alright I guess I’ll take a shower. I took my clothes off and got in the shower. It was still just my second day there and I really wasn’t comfortable yet so I wasn’t in the shower long. I dried off and realizing I didn’t have my underwear, I peeked my head out the door to see Scooter on the bed jacking his dick. I just closed the door back and just sat on the toilet for about 20 minutes kind of feeling trapped like I’m invading his space and privacy. Eventually, I peeked out the door and he was still stroking, so I closed the door pretty hard, waited for a second and then cracked it. I peeked my head out the door and he was sitting up on the bed magically playing the video game. I asked him to bring me my clean shorts and boxers. A few seconds later he comes to the door with my shorts. I asked him again if he could get my boxers but he refused saying he ain’t touching another dude’s boxers. I just thought whatever and went commando with just the shorts.

Once I got out the bathroom.

SCOOTER – Let’s go play basketball with my friends down the street.

ME – Cool Cool.

He grabbed the same shirt he had on earlier and started rushing me. So I didn’t even get a chance to put on my boxers. I looked over and he grabbed a pair of socks from between his bed and the wall and put them on, then his shoes and we left out.

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