#3 Hoops & Hoes

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We walked down the street. Once we got to the end of the cul-de-sac with a basketball hoop, it was 4 guys playing already. After their game, we ended up playing 3 on 3. I never really went commando much. It was really weird and hard to deal with since my dick was flopping all over. It was actually very uncomfortable, as my balls and dick were moving around alot. After the 3rd game, I said I was too tired to keep playing but really I needed something to hold my dick in place.

Scooter came over next to me and tried to get me to play one more game. I told him it was getting hot. He said why don’t you take your shirt off, then he took his off. I said fine and took mine off too.

This time Scooter and I were on the same team. I was playing against David, who was skinny but taller and older than me. He would get the ball and back me down in the paint. When he would back me down, I could feel his booty rubbing against my dick. About halfway through the game, he just blurted out “Scooter, why your cousin getting a woody when I post up”. It actually caught me off guard that he would try to front on me like that. I wanted to beat his ass if he wasn’t twice my size.

Scooter just laughed but I got mad that he would say that in front of everyone. I said, “Nigga, what the fuck you talking about; you must be gay”. He said, “Naw bro”, but before he could counter back, Scooter jumped in and kept things from escalating.

After finishing the game, we all sat in the shade under a tree in David’s yard. David turned his water hose on. I was thirsty as fuck and got up to get a drink. David had just got a drink then extended his hand out to offer me the hose. Just as I was reaching for the hose, he placed his finger on the end of the hose and sprayed my shorts then started laughing and took off. I turned and looked at him run away as everyone looked at me and laughed. Once he got to the street, he turned back towards me and started talking about my obvious dick print, as the wet shorts clung to my soft dick. A couple of the guys gasped and tried to accuse me of being hard. David was too big to fight, so I just got a drink. 

Tim came up next to me and got a drink as well, then asked “What we gonna do now?” Gerald asked if anyone went over to Ashley’s house lately. Scooter said he went over there this morning and they all started playing, hitting him. Then David was like y’all wanna go over there now? They all jumped up excited, following David’s lead. So we got up and walked down the street, dribbling the basketball. She stayed about 5 blocks away on a dead end road.

When we got there, David went to knock on the door and this girl came out. She looked a few years older than us. She was light skinned, and was wearing a fitted shirt that showed off her tits and a mini skirt. I didn’t know her so I stayed in the back. I could hear her say her parents were off work today, then David asked her if she could go in the back. She looked around and was like alright. She started to walk off the porch and David followed her along with the rest of the crew. Once we got behind the house, it was really trashy with old rusted cars and trash everywhere. They kept walking into the woods, when Ashley turned and looked with a smirk on her face saying y’all not coming back here, just David. 

I didn’t know for certain what was going on but I could see the disappointment on everyone else’s face, so I made my assumption. Everyone stopped by the old rusted car and chilled there. About a minute later, you could hear the moans coming from the woods. I look over and Gerald was rubbing the front of his shorts and the others too. Tim looked at my cousin Scooter and asked him if I was cool. Scooter said he didn’t know. Gerald was like fuck it, then pulled his dick out. It was uncut like mine and he started stroking. The other 3 shortly followed. They were there stroking their dicks while in the distance, you could hear the sounds of David fucking Ashley. My dick got hard but I just walked to the side of the car and let them all handle their business, plus I didn’t want to get any more jokes about my dick being big. It only took 6 or 7 minutes before Ashley and David came out the woods. 

David still had a big tent in his pants and the other fellas had either busted their nuts or had stopped. Tim walked up to Ashley and started flirting with her. He grabbed her tits and whispered something in her ear. She reached over and started massaging the front of his shorts, as they walked back into the woods. Not long after, you start to hear the sounds of sex again. Just the thought and sounds had me precumming. After another 5 minutes, you could hear Ashley start to go off on him, then they both start walking back. She was letting him have it. She was mad that he came inside her. As they got back to the car, Gerald was ready to go back with Ashley but she was too pissed and told us we had to go. Gerald punched Tim in the arm and Tim apologized and said it was feeling too good and caught him off guard. We all started walking back to our end of the neighborhood.

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