#31 Is It True

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Oh shit! That hurt. As I reached for my back. Then moments later another lash went across my back.

Get yo ass up. You not gonna be skipping school. I don’t know what the hell wrong with you boy but I’m about to knock some sense into you. – Aunt Judy

As one more lash from the belt swung in the air and landed right across my thigh.

You got 5 minutes to get ready. – Aunt Judy

Damn that hurt. Nothing is starting to go right. I got up and just throw on some clothes, no shower or anything. I came into the computer class half way through. Everyone was working on there class work. When I got to my station, Kyrie stood up and gave me a hug.

I was worried about you – Kyrie

I over slept – me

Oh dang, but don’t worry I’ll come by tomorrow and wake you up. – Kyrie

You don’t have to – me

No it’s ok then we can walk to school together – Kyrie

Kyrie explains the class work to me and the fact that he already did it and put my name on it too already.

At the end of class Chet came over to my desk.

What happened to you yesterday- Chet

I had to go, my parents were waiting on me. – me

Well maybe we can try again today after school. – Chet

Hmmm no my best friend is coming over my house after school to play video games. So you can keep it moving. – Kyrie

Thank goodness for Kyrie. I really didn’t want to go back over Chet place. 

Right After that the bell rang and we went to lunch.

I saw Ashley in the lunch room but she just turned and walked away. As I say down at the table. I was greeted by James.

Hey Donkey Dick – James

Everyone laughed but the jokes never ended. It was getting to much for me so I got up and went to the restroom. I went into the stall and hat sat there waiting for lunch to end but I guess that wasn’t enough as James followed me in and right into the stall.

What’s your problem man. – me

Calm down. You’re the new guy we just having fun. – James

Well it’s not fun to me – me

Well your the one talking about how big you are isn’t that gay. – James

Actually I didn’t say that Ashley said it. And it can’t be gay if a girl said it. – me

But is it true? – James

What? – me

James lowered his voice.

Is it true? – James

I guess so – me

James unbutton his khakis and pulled his dick out.

Well I showed you mine now you have to show me yours. – James

I just stared at his dick out was sticking straight out toward me and he was uncut like mind and his head was completely covered by the skin.

You gonna do it. It’s only fair. -James

I unbuttoned my khakis and he saw the print of my dick in my underwear.

Dang – James

He reached over and pulled it out and just the look of awe and excitement on his face said everything. He started tugging and stroking my dick. Not a word was said. As he played with my dick more and more I can tell me was really into it. It felt good having someone else stroke me and I was starting to feel it my head leaned back and I was starting to get that feeling. When out of no where someone came in the restroom.

I jumped up on the toilet and James quickly zipped up. then exited out the stall. I stayed up on the toilet until I thought the bathroom was empty. Once it got quiet i hopped down and zipped up and walked out the stall. There was a guy there at the sink looking into the mirror. Me and him made quick eye contact through the mirror and I quickly left out.

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