#30 Lock The Door

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I woke up and it was 4am Scooter was still in his bed sleep. Going to bed early out of boredom plus this raging morning woods got me up before scooter for the first time. I don’t normally jack off but I couldn’t help play with my dick. My dick was super hard and the clear stuff was leaking out of it. As I played with my dick I couldn’t help but think of Kyrie and how he made me feel. Kyrie is a good guy and being around him makes me feel good. The more I thought about Kyrie the harder I got. It was still dark so I pulled back the covers and started stroking my dick. Thinking about Kyrie made jacking off so much better. I see why scooter does it all the time. The more I thought of Kyrie the more the clear stuff leaked out. It was feeling good, so good, I heard myself breathing hard. But I didn’t care if Scooter heard me because he do it all the time. It was feeling good. I was stroking my dick with 2 hands when out of no where the door opened and the lights turned on. I was caught 2 handed as the older man who was fucking Aunt Judy.

Hey fellows your mom said its time to wake up. – old man

I hurried to pull the cover back but it was really no hiding. He just starred at me as we made eye contact again as he left the light on then closed the door.

Scooter turned and stated laughing at me.

You might wanna lock the door next time. – Scooter

Then he gets up and turns the lock then strips his clothes off. His dick was all the way soft as he say down on the edge of the bed and started stroking his dick right in front on me. I wanted to ask him if he was going to Ashley house but I didn’t want to bring her up. Scooter was fully hard and stoking pretty fast. He did something unusual and started pinching his nipples with other hand. Watching him stroke his dick was a huge turn on. I felt more comfortable now around him so I pulled back the covers and just rubbed my dick but not really stroking it. Scooter was really getting into it and stroking his dick fast while pinching his nipples and making funny faces. It didn’t take long before a rope of nut shot out of his dick and that’s all it took as I started firing nut up on the and on my face.

Damn cuz- Scooter

Scooter got and went in the bathroom leaving a puddle of thick nut on the floor. Suddenly from waking up early I was tied again and drifted off to sleep.

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