#32 Black and White

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When I walked out James was in my next class. We made eye contact a few times but didnt say a word. After the class I went to my locker to drop off my books and I saw the guy, who was in the restroom, staring at me. I noticed him but I didnt think anything of it because Chet had come to my locker.

Hey Tony what you doing after school. – Chet

Nothing really – Me

You wanna come over. – Chet

I wanted to say no but them I remember how he defended me yesterday.

Sure – Me

Awesome Dude meet me in front after school is out. – Chet

Cool – Me

I went to my last class and as soon as school gets out Kyrie comes and meet me before I could get out my last class. Like always Kyrie loves to talk and he grabs me and off we go. 

Hey Danga you ready – Chet yelled from across the street.

Oh shit I forgot I was gonna hang out with Chet. I looked over at Kyrie and he looked right at me.

I forgot I told Chet I was gonna hang out with him. – Danga

But I wanna hang out with you. I dont want you hangin out with that weirdo. – Kyrie

I know I know but ugh I wanna hang with you to I always have fun with you. Just this one time ok. – Danga

I looks Kyrie right in his eyes and a tear dropped and I immediately felt bad. I have to get rid of Chet.

Please just this one time ok I promise. – Danga

Kyrie didnt say a word he just stormed off. I stood there for a few seconds then I crossed the street.

Awesome dude we are gonna have some fun. – Chet

What you wanna do? – Danga

After you left yesterday I saved all the stuff in the Shed. So we can try corn holing today.

So what exactly is it? – Danga

I have some lotion, you just put a condom on your cock and i put lotion on my but and you slide it in. – Chet

Oh wow, you done that before? – Danga

Yeah – Chet

How about this I got a better idea, Follow me. – Danga

OK – Chet

We walk down to Ashley house and I knock on the door. Ashley comes out and she has a huge smile on her face. 

Danga OMG I’m so glad you came over. – Ashley

I dont wanna rush but I’ll only do this if u promise you let my cousin come through again. – Danga

REally – Ashley

Fine – Danga

I grabbed Chet arm and turned to talk away.

OK Ok fine – Ashley

My parents arent home yet so come on in. Why you bring Chet I dont do white boys. – Ashley

He’s cool – Danga

We walk over to the couch sit down. Ashley got on her knees and pulled my dick out and started suckin it. Chet is staring at my dick and I can tell he is hard as fuck. I reach over and unbutton his pants and he pulls his dick out.

Damn Chet yall are twin towers – Ashley

Chet just grinned as Ashley switched over and started suckin Chet’s dick. He was extra dramatic, and was moaning and Ashley expertly swirled around the head of his dick. As he moaned I reached back and smacked Ashley on the ass I grab Ashley and shoved my dick back in her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her up and dick on my long dick. I looked over at Chet who dick was dripping precum and give him the nudge to get behind Ashley. He goes behind her and mounts her and just goes buck wild. Chet was fuckin Ashley like a rabbit in overdrive, fuckin her super fast from behind. 

Chet who dick is only half an inch shorter than mine was workin her and she was moaning loud. I had pulled my dick out and started strokin and hitting her on the face with my dick. It didnt take Chet long will Ashley milked the nut out of him. She reached back and pushed him out and Chet started to shot cum all over Ashley and me. The site of it sent me over and I sent a few ropes of cum right back at him and down Ashley back. Ashley was drenched in cum. Chet collapsed on the floor he was so gassed. 

I grabbed Chet and was like lets go. On the way back Chet dick stayed hard the whole time. He was in love. While walkin down the street I saw Scooter and said hey but didnt tell him we had just left Ashley house. 

*Knock Knock Knock*

Hello is Kyrie home. – Danga

You the kid who came over here the other day. Whats your name? – Kyrie’s Mom

I’m Danga – Danga

Well one second honey. – Kyrie’s Mom

After a few minutes Kyrie comes to the door.

What do you want? – Kyrie

I wanted to hang out with you for a few minutes. – Danga

Oh now you got time for me huh. – Kyrie

It’s not like that – Danga

Well I’m busy so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at school. – Kyrie

Then Kyrie went back inside and closed the door before I got a chance to respond. 

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