#33 Wake Up Danga

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Scooter – why wake up uour friend is at the door.
Danga – who?
Scooter – i dont know he some light skinned boy
Danga – who that’s Kyrie you can let him in
Scooter – Cool I’m about to go to school make sure to lock the door.
Danga – OK

I drifted back to sleep.

Wake up sleepy head – I opened my eyes and it was Kyrie

Danga – i thought you was mad at me
Kyrie – i told you i would make you up and i never break a promise unlike some people.

I stretched out from a long night. As i stretched I could feel the tension of my dick pressed against the fabric of my basketball shorts i slept in.

Oh my – Kyrie

I looked down and sure enough I had morning wood. For a split second I got embarrassed but then I was like fuck it he already saw it so i just laid there trying to wake up.

What time is it? – me

It’s 6:30 we got an hour to get to school. – Kyrie

I sat up why are you here? – Danga

Because you was late the other day and i told you i would make sure you was up on time. – Kyrie

When he said that it made me feel some type of way. Kyrie reach his hand out and pulled me to my feet. We was looking eye to eye at each out when out of no where he started slapping my mow hard dick back and forth. We both started laughing.

I’m sorry… I be getting morning wood. – me

I get them too. – Kyrie

Kyrie – so it really is as big as people say it is?
Danga – says who?
Kyrie – Ashley and some of the guys be joking about it.
Danga – i guess… i cant help it… As much as people talk about it I wish it was smaller.
Kyrie – my cousins always say it’s good to have a big dick.
Danga – i guess 
Kyrie – I know girls like them
Danga – how you know?
Kyrie – this girl named Sparkle.
Danga – I see
Kyrie – yeah she was my first girlfriend
Danga – I never had a girlfriend before
Kyrie – really?
Danga – nope never have
Kyrie – having a girlfriend is Cool. Its always someone to talk to do stuff together and have fun with.
Danga – what type of stuff did you do together
Then Kyrie reached in my shorts and started stroking my dick. It felt so good but i pushed him away for a second and went and locked the door. (Learned my lesson) as soon as I turned around Kyrie was right behind me. I put my hands on his small waist and pulled him close to me. I can tell he was hard and our dicked pressed against each other. Then closer as out stomach touched then chest and Kyrie completed it by leaning in for my first real kiss. I didnt know what i was doing but I seen enough TV shows. My heart was racing, my dick was leaking precum and my tongue was now wrestling Kyries tongue. We kisses and grinded standing up for a long time before we broke it off.

Kyrie – it feels good dont it?
Danga – yeah

Your a good friend to me. I love making you feel good. – Kyrie

I kinda wanted him to stop so i tried to change the topic.

Danga – so what else did you do?

I couldn’t stand anymore so i went over to the bed and sat on the edge. Kyrie followed and stood between my legs. He reached over and hugged me them lowered down so we could kissed some more.

By now i had an obvious wet spot in my shorts. Kyrie got on his knees and pulled my dick out. I string of precum hanged off the tip as Kyrie took his tongue and locked around the head. It felt amazing. He pulled my foreskin back started licking my sensitive head before sliding my dick into his mouth.

It felt so good I just leaned back and enjoyed. Occasionally he would motion his tongue in a way that caused my whole body to tense up and shake. It was feeling so good that the sensation had me in over drive. I had to stop it. It was too much. I grabbed Kyrie and pulled his shirt off then he unbuttoned his pants. Then climbed on top of me. Chest to chest, I could feel his heart beating. It was beating the same rythem as mine. He looked in my eye and a tear came down.

I love you – Kyrie

I love you too – me

With that he grabbed my hand and placed it on his ass. I squeezed it and it felt so good I had to know what it felt like under his boxers. I reached inside and pushed his boxers down. And he wiggled his legs to push them off

We were now both naked.

Kyrie started kissing and grinding on me again. I could feel our dicks rubbing against each other. Then Kyrie rolled over and I followed stopping on top of him between his legs. This position felt natural for me and Kyrie showed good approval by wrapping his legs around my waist. 

In all my life I had never felt anything more natural as of it was meant to be then in that moment with Kyrie.

I leaned down and stared kissing Kyrie more and more. We we’re going at it kissing any humping and grinding our dicks.

Kyrie reached between us and grabbed his dick. It was so hard get had an attraction to me. I wanted to please him so I pushed his hand off his dick and replaced it with mine my hands. I stroked Kyrie a while before his body tensed up and stared leaking precum out. His dick stood straight up and rubbed against the bottom off my dick. I can’t help but to look right into his eyes. They were light brown. Our eyes locked. Instincts took over and I leaned down and our lips meet. It was like a jolt of electric shot through my body. Kyrie hands came up under my arm and around my shoulder. We continued to kiss as your tongues touched. Although our lips are locked, I could hear Kyrie moan, his body started to shake, then I felt a rush of liquid come out of no where. I was do startled that i raised up and a shot of nut hit me on the chin. The sight of his nut and the feel of his body tremble sent me over the edge and I started to shoot nut all over Kyrie. My nut mixed with Kyrie leaving his chest and torso drenched with milky cum. I collapsed on top of Kyrie and he wrapped his arm around me. We both just laid there catching our breathe.

Kyrie starts to laugh.

I’m so soaking wet. – Kyrie

Me too – Danga

I can feel or running down my side. – Kyrie

Let me get you a towel – Danga

I got up off of Kyrie and got a good look at his body. His dick was still hard, it was thin and cute. He body really was soaked in nut. He reached over tapped my dick to make it swing side to side.

Be Right back – Danga

I walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet to get a towel. I grabbed one then went over to the sink and turned the hot water on. After it warmed up I wet the towel and squeezed out the excess water. Soon as I finished I felt a touch on my shoulder. 

I turned around and it was Kyrie. I took the towel and slowly wiped his chest then worked my way down his abs. I cleaned out the puddle of nut in his bellybutton. Right then he leaned in and kissed me. His lips felt so good. I put the towel back on the sink and wrapped my arms around Kyrie’s shoulder. This gave him full access to my dick and be wasted no time grabbing my dick and stated stroking my dick. We continued to kiss while he stroked me. We turned around a bit and Kyrie sat down on the toilet, bringing him eye level with my dick. 

Damn your dick is so huge. -Kyrie

He continued to play with and admire my dick. As he slow stroked it he leaned in closer then slid my dick back in his mouth.

If felt good even After I had already nutted. I grabbed the back of his head as he took more of my dick in his mouth. The way Kyrie was working my dick felt so good. He would pull the foreskin back then lick and suck the head of my dick. My gawd it made my body tingle. It felt so good that I had to look down and watch my dick slid back and forth back good lips. Looking down I noticed Kyrie was jacking his dick fast. Kyrie dick is pretty long but slim with a cute head. It didn’t take long before Kyrie was moaning and he shot a load all over my leg. I tried to hold my nut but it caught me off guard and I shoot right in his mouth. Kyrie pulled out quickly back quickly. Just as my dick was coming out his mouth the next shot okay right on his nose and lips and coated his face. Kyrie started to spit my nut out his mouth.

Oh my gawd. – Kyrie

Kyrie wiped the nut off his face.

Im sorry – Danga

Don’t be I love being around you – Kyrie

You make me feel happy and wanted – Danga

Really? – Kyrie

Yeah, alot of time I feel sad like I’m just always in the way – Danga

No way. I love talking to you and being around you. Your my best friend. – Kyrie

Really I never had a best friend before. – Danga

Kyrie leaned in and kissed me again then looked at his watch.

OMG it’s almost 9 am. – Kyrie

Oh shoot we got to get to school. If my aunt finds out imma be in so much trouble. – Danga

Hurry up and put your clothes on. – Kyrie

Don’t Be I loved it – Kyrie

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