#5 Damn Why You Always Naked

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When I woke up, Scooter was gone like usual. I went downstairs in just my boxers and to my surprise, Aunt Judy and some older guy was there. After saying good morning, I quickly darted back upstairs. 10 minutes later, she called me back downstairs for breakfast. When I got to the table, she had fixed me a plate and Scooter had walked in. Aunt Judy said, “Boy, it took you 45 minutes just to take out the trash”. In my mind, I know he did more than take out the trash.

He came in and sat down. 

OLDER GUY – So you’re staying here this school year huh?

ME – Yeah.

OLDER GUY – Boy, the ladies gonna be all over you at school the way you walking around here in your boxers.

AUNT JUDY – Leave that boy alone.

Then she turned to Scooter.

AUNT JUDY – Scooter, you need to take a shower. You stink boy. 

I looked over at Scooter and he just rolled his eyes. In my head, I was thinking, he still wearing the same shorts from 3 days ago. After we finished eating, we went upstairs and Aunt Judy ordered Scooter to take a shower. He said alright and stripped right in front me. As soon as his shorts came off, a strong funk took over the room. He took his shorts off right in front of me and for the first time, I got a good look at his package. He wasn’t uncut like me. His dick was soft and he had kinda big balls. After a few seconds, he went into the bathroom. Aunt Judy came into the room and collected all of his cum-stained socks, shorts and underwear for the laundry.

She went into the bathroom while he was in the shower and gathered all of the towels. When Scooter got out, he just walked right back into the room naked. 

ME – You like being naked, don’t you? 

SCOOTER – (With an attitude) Before you came here, I actually had privacy.

ME – This is your room; don’t change for my sake.

SCOOTER – You know what? I know you’re in a tough situation so I just got to get used to having someone else around but I’m glad you’re here and not a shelter or somewhere.

ME – I’m glad to hear that because sometimes I feel like I’m an inconvenience.

I went to my duffle bag and got some clean clothes to put on and then went to take a shower. After that, we watched TV for a few hours until Aunt Judy said she was leaving to do laundry. Scooter walks over to the window and watches the car pull off.

SCOOTER – Let’s go to Ashley’s house. 

ME – Didn’t you go there earlier?


ME – And you wanna go back already? 

SCOOTER – Hell yeah!

ME – Oh. 

SCOOTER – I guess you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.

ME – Naw I’m game.

We started walking down the street.

SCOOTER – You ever fuck a girl before? 

ME – Naw.

SCOOTER – Bro, it’s so fucking great; once you do it once, you will be hooked. 

He kept going on and on about how much he loved it the entire time we were walking.

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