#6 Losing My Virginity

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When we got to Ashley’s house, Scooter knocked on the door. She came out and she was looking good. She made eye contact with me and she asked Scooter why he hasn’t introduced me to her. 

SCOOTER – Oh, this my cousin.

I kinda looked down and said hi. 

SCOOTER – So you wanna go to the back Ashley?

ASHLEY – Yeah.

So we walked to the back. When we got to the car, I stopped and they kept walking.

ASHLEY – Hey cousin, come back with us!

I got excited and scared at the same time. I jogged to catch up with them. We went down a path until we got to this clearing with a tent big enough to walk in. It was netted so you could see inside from the front and it had a mattress inside.

They both walked into the tent. I stopped but Ashley grabbed my hand and pulled me in. 

ASHLEY – Are you scared?

ME – No!

ASHLEY – It’s okay if it’s not big.

SCOOTER – (Defending me) That’s my cousin, so you know he got a big dick like me.

Scooter had laid down on the bed. Looking at him, he was hard as a rock tenting out his shorts. 

SCOOTER – Ashley!!!

When she looked over, he was waving his dick at her. It was the first time I saw his dick hard and it kinda made me hard.

Ashley wasted no time and went down and started slurping Scooter’s dick. She sucked him for about 2 minutes before coming back up. She looked at me and waved me over. 

ASHLEY – Are you a virgin?

ME – Yeah.

ASHLEY – You wanna do something?

I just nodded my head. She reached over and started groping my dick. 

ASHLEY – It feels big!!!

Then pulls my shorts down. 

ASHLEY – What the fuck!! You not putting that big thing in me. 

She just laughed and played with it with amazement. My heart sank because I thought I was gonna lose my virginity. 

ASHLEY – Hell Naw! That’s too damn big!

Scooter looked over and didn’t say a word, but he didn’t have to because he was starring really hard too. Not wasting any time, Scooter got behind Ashley in doggy style position and grabbed her hips and slid right into her and started fucking her.

Ashley started moaning then reached over and pulled my still hard dick back out and stuffed the head of it in her mouth. I’m on my knees with my cousin fucking this girl watching his dick go in and out and getting my dick sucked. It was just sensory overload and I shot a big load within seconds. When she felt the cum, she pulled out and it went all over her face.

Shortly after, Scooter pulled out and nutted on her back. She put my dick back in her mouth and was just amazed at the size. She played with it a while ignoring Scooter. I think he was starting to get annoyed and said he was ready to go.

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