#7 Scoot Over Scooter

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When we got back home, it was about 45 minutes later. I went to the bathroom to wash up and when I came out, Scooter was jacking off and watching a flick, so I sat on the floor.

SCOOTER – Hey cousin, you can come sit up here.

I got on the bed and sat in the corner. I had a good view of him and the TV. After about 20 minutes, he again shot nut all over his chest. He laid there for a few minutes then grabbed a new sock and wiped his nut and stuffed it between his bed.

He didn’t bother putting his dick away and just left it out. I watched it go back soft. Then he finally tucked it away.

That night, he stayed up. Once we went to bed, he scooted over and made room for me in his bed. While in bed, he started asking me the same questions I heard over the summer like why is my dick so big and do I jack off.

I could feel him shuffling on his side of the bed and then the squeaky sound started again; this time being on the bed, I could feel it rocking. My cousin is freaking addicted. I just laid still on my side. The fact that he was jacking off next to me made me hard as fuck. 

SCOOTER – Are you horny?

ME – Yeah!

SCOOTER – Why don’t you jack off too?

Not wanting to go against the grain, I pulled my dick out in the pitch dark room and started stroking. Laying there, I could feel the bed shake and hear Scooter breathe harder. His leg was rubbing against mine. I heard a grunt and I could tell he was cumming, and that sent me over and I started shooting cum. 

SCOOTER – Dang bro, you just shot nut all on me.

ME – I’m soooo sorry.

I apologized but he didn’t care and just grabbed his dick and wiped off his nut with his other sock then handed it to me. In the moment, I didn’t care and just wiped the mixture of our nut on the sock and before long, I was sleep.

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  1. about time I knew yall would jack once yall did something wit a chick first

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