#9 Peace Offering

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On the way back, Gerald was hyped.

GERALD – (As he extended his hand out) That was so hot.

ME – (As I complete the hi-five) Yeah that was.

GERALD – I was beatin that pussy up. My stroke game is good. You see how she was moaning? I had her wet. You know she loves my dick; it’s the best.

ME – You saw she picked me.

GERALD – That’s only because your dick is freakishly big. I ain’t never seen a dick big like that, not even in porn.

ME – Everyone says that.

GERALD – Because it’s true but she still loves my dick the most.

ME – David surely don’t think so.

GERALD – Fuck him. He thinks he runs everything.

ME – Why they all leave out?

GERALD – Because they some punks! Always following up behind him.

ME – Whelp, I got to go in the house and take a shower.

GERALD – Alright kid.

I turned and walked into the house. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was almost 12:30. Damn, I didn’t realize it was that long. I went upstairs and went straight into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and took my shoes off, then my shirt. I looked in the mirror. I kinda wished my body was toned like Gerald’s was. I wasn’t fat, I wasn’t skinny, just average. I lowered my shorts and boxers down at the same time. Looking down, I could see the dried up cum in my boxers. I was home alone and took a long shower.

Once I got out, I realized that Aunt Judy never came back with the drying towels, so I just used the face towel to wipe off the extra water then stepped out the shower. I brushed my teeth then opened the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom without looking. 

CARDIER – Who the fuck is that?

BRANDON – That’s my lil cousin.

CARDIER – Damn he got a big dick.

BRANDON – Hey cuz, put some clothes on.

ME – I just got out the shower; if u don’t wanna see, then don’t look.

CARDIER – Hell naw, this nigga walkin around swingin his dick around. I’m goin downstairs.

Cardier heads out the room and downstairs.

BRANDON – Hey cuz, where is Scooter?

ME – Man I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in a few hours.

BRANDON – Cool. Imma go downstairs and let you get dressed.

I got dressed and went downstairs. When I got downstairs, Cardier and Brandon were sitting on the couch.

AUNT JUDY – Have you seen Scooter?

ME – Earlier this morning.

AUNT JUDY – Go find that boy. Brandon drove all the way out here and he not even home.

I went outside and grabbed Scooter’s bike. Riding down the street, I stopped by Jason house. When I got there, I knocked on the door and Jason came out.

ME – Hey Jason, have you seen Scooter?

JASON – Yeah, we all went to David’s house to hoop.

ME – You think he still down there?

JASON – He should be. I left about 30 minutes ago.

ME – Alright.

I picked up the bike and started riding down to the end of the road where David lived. I didn’t really want to go down there. I don’t like that dude. David always had something to say. I was really dreading going down there because I knew if he said something stupid, we were gonna end up fighting and I didn’t want Aunt Judy to send me back.

I rode past the basketball hoop and into David’s yard. I knocked on the door and his sister answered, then turned and called David’s name. I walked off the porch and sat back on my bike. About a minute later, David comes out.

DAVID – What do you want chicken head?

ME – (Trying to just ignore him) Have you seen Scooter?

DAVID – Why you wanna know?

ME – Look man, my aunt needs him, so where he at?

David walked out on the porch and sat down on the stairs. He is so tall and lanky that his knees come up to his chest while sitting on the steps. He just looks at me while I’m sitting on the bike.

ME – Where he at?

DAVID – In his skin.

I just roll my eyes trying not to say nothing stupid to this dude. I really wanted to get off my bike and punch him in his jaw. He just sat there with a cocky grin on his face.

ME – Stop playin. I’m lookin for Scooter.

DAVID – Oh yeah.

ME – Yeah man.

DAVID – Or are you lookin for this?

Then he opens his legs up and his basketball shorts rise up his leg. He takes his long arms and pulls them up to the point where his dick is now hanging out the bottom of his shorts. It was circumcised and soft, and was quite long. He grabs it with his hand and starts shaking it toward me. I was speechless and didn’t know what to do or what to say so I just froze. David continued to stroke his dick, as it was getting hard and thicker. He looked at me then our eyes met. Was this a peace offering? Why was he doing this? 

Then his sister opened the door and told him their mom was on the phone. David quickly pulled his shorts back down to his legs and then stood up.

DAVID – Scooter down at Tim’s house.

Then he got up and went back in the house. I rode the bike down to Tim’s house. As soon as I pulled up, Scooter was coming outside. 

SCOOTER – What you doing on my bike?

ME – Lookin for you. Brandon is at the house.

SCOOTER – Yeah, I forgot he was comin over today. We supposed to go to the movies.

Scooter mounted the back pegs on the bike and I peddled toward the house. Occasionally his dick would rub up against my back. I can tell he was hard but didn’t say nothing.

We got back to the house and walked inside. Brandon and Cardier were still sittin on the couch. They stand up and everyone greets each other and we all walk upstairs.

SCOOTER – Who you got with you?

BRANDON – Oh this my friend Cardier; just call him Cardi.

SCOOTER – (Toward Cardi) What up?

SCOOTER – So what’s the plan?

BRANDON – Man, just gonna go to the mall.

SCOOTER – Cool man. Which mall we goin to?

BRANDON – I wanna go to New Orleans.

SCOOTER – My mom ain’t gonna let me go there.

BRANDON – Why she gotta know?

SCOOTER – Coo Coo let me hop in the shower.

We all sat on the bed, as Scooter was going into his closet to get some clothes. This was the first time since I been there that he would put on actual clothes and not just the same shirt and shorts. After he selected his wardrobe, he stripped his clothes off while still in the room.

CARDI – No homo bro but it’s other dudes in here.

Scooter didn’t say anything, he just looked at Cardi and smiled.

CARDI – I can tell y’all are cousins; y’all both just walk around naked all the time.

Scooter went into the bathroom and 10 minutes later came out with his nice clothes on. By now, it’s about 4pm and New Orleans is about an hour away. We got in the car and Aunt Judy gave Scooter some money. Brandon and Scooter were in the front seat and Cardi and I were in the back seat. Cardi was the loud, hood type. He was hyper – always moving and dancing, and rappin the lyrics to the songs. Completely opposite of me. His energy was fun and I liked being around people like that.

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