#8 Losing Power

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The next morning, I woke up and to my surprise, Scooter was right there beside me. He somehow was under the blanket with me. I had a raging hard-on and had to pee real bad. I lifted the blanket and had to climb over Scooter. As I did, I accidentally rubbed against his morning wood, which woke him. I leaped out of bed and went to pee. Moments later, Scooter came into the bathroom to pee as well.

SCOOTER – Move over.

I did as instructed and we were both peeing at the same time. I was on the left side peeing across to the opposite side of the toilet while Scooter was on the right side moving his dick around so that his pee was moving all over. I catch a glimpse of his dick, as he held it with a couple of fingers at the base of his dick. It’s a lot different than mine because if I don’t hold mine with my entire hand near the tip, my dick will hang down and I will miss the toilet. After I finished, I washed my hands and Scooter just left out. By the time I made it out the bathroom to the bedroom, Scooter was on his way out the door. I went downstairs and Aunt Judy was nowhere to be found. 

I fixed me some Frosted Flakes and ate at the kitchen table when Scooter busted in the door. 

SCOOTER – Hey, grab your shoes and come out here with me.

I drank the last bit of milk from my bowl and grabbed my shoes not really knowing what was going on. When I went outside, I could see that David and the rest of the gang were tossing a football around. I went out to the street with them.

DAVID – Hey big dick.

I kinda mugged him a lil bit while giving the others some dap.

SCOOTER – We still going over to Ashley house right?

DAVID – Yeah.

GERALD – Man I’m hitting that first this time.

DAVID – Nigga step back; you know I always go first.

I looked over at Scooter and we made eye contact knowing that he wakes up bright and early to be Ashley’s first each day.

We all started walking toward’s Ashley house. Once we got there, David knocked on the door. Ashley answered and invited everyone in. As I walked in, Ashley and I made eye contact. David wrapped his arm around her and they go sit down on the loveseat. I was expecting to be out in the backyard, not inside in the front room. Looking around, the inside didn’t look as trashy as the outside did. They had one of those big box giant big screen TVs in the front room with an older red couch and loveseat. David and Ashley sat on the loveseat and Scooter, Timmy, Gerald, and Jason sat on the couch. I stood in the doorway just observing everything. David was talking loud like always. From the last 3 days, it was clear that David ran the neighborhood. I guess girls like that because Ashley would let him do whatever he wanted. The two of them were on the loveseat making out. David was rubbing her titties and kissing. After a few minutes, he reached his hand inside her skirt and started fingering her.

Gerald was getting upset. He felt like it was his turn and he got up and challenged David.

GERALD – Hey man, what you doing? It’s my turn! 

DAVID – Chill little man, you can have hot momma after me.

GERALD – Naw man, fuck that I’m tired of you thinking you run everything.

DAVID – (While rubbing on Ashley) Bro, you better realize who you stepping to. We all know Ashley wants the king’s ding-a-ling don’t you sexy? 

ASHLEY – David, you know that you’re daddy but I like Gerald too. 

DAVID – (Pushing off Ashley) Bitch what.

Gerald stood you. 

GERALD – You heard what she said.

David stood up too, as his 6’3 frame towered over Gerald.

DAVID – Nigga sit your little ass down before you get your ass beat.

DAVID – Now I’ll be fair today because I’m in a good mood and since Ashley got the house to herself, we all getting a piece anyway. So Ashley. Who do you want a piece of first? 

Ashley stood up and looked around the room, then she started walking toward me. I wasn’t properly dressed since I had to rush out the house. She reached in my basketball shorts and grabbed my dick and started stroking it. Then in front of everyone, she pulled my dick out, got on her knees and started sucking my dick.
They all started staring at Ashley suck my dick. Next thing I know out the corner of my eye, David walked up to me.

DAVID – If you weren’t Scooter’s cousin, I would beat your ass.

Then David walked out and Tim followed.

To my surprise, Scooter got up to.

SCOOTER – See you back at home.

Now I wanted to leave too but I didn’t know how to get Ashley off me. I didn’t ask for all this. I didn’t like people being mad at me. I had a chance to come up with an escape plan. But that all ended when Gerald comes up behind Ashley. He gives me a “Hell yeah” while lifting up her skirt. He wasted no time pulling his dick out and sliding in her. Gerald’s dick is somewhat long but very skinny. He had grabbed her hips and started fucking her while she sucked my dick. Gerald was really into it, smacking her ass and fucking her hard.

We moved over to the love seat. I sat where David once was. As I sit down, Ashley pulled my shorts down and Gerald got a good look at my full hard-on.

GERALD – Damn bro, I have never seen a dick that damn big.

Before I got a chance to respond, Ashley had gone back down on my dick and man she could suck dick good. Gerald was back behind Ashley and quickly slide back inside of her. He wasted no time fuckin her hard. In the room, all you could hear is the sounds of Ashley slurping my dick and Gerald pounding her ass. After about 7 minutes, Gerald pushed into Ashley deep and Ashley let out a loud moan. Then he grabbed the bottom of his white tee and pulled the shirt over his head. He took the shirt off and wiped the sweat that was accumulating on his forehead. Then tossed it on the floor and went back to work. I couldn’t help but look at Gerald. He was brown skin, a little bit lighter than me. His body was very defined. You could easily see his 6 pack and he had small pecs. With every thrust, you could see all his muscles flex and pulsate. Looking up at his face, it was like he was in a trance. Nothing in the world mattered to him at that moment except fucking Ashley. Gerald had a cute face and his sexy facial expressions just added to the experience. Ashley had gone down and started sucking my balls. I looked down at her servicing my dick. With her head down licking my balls, my dick extended past her head.

It was feeling good, as I leaned my head back on the couch. Not even 20 seconds later, I hear Gerald say he was about to cum. Ashley quickly reached her hand back and pushed Gerald out. She turned around, as Gerald started stroking his dick. I stood up and joined them and we both started stroking. Moments later, Gerald let out a deep moan, I looked down and watched as he let out a very thick load of pearly white cum drip out. I instantly started firing my load of nut all over Ashley’s face. She flinches, as it caught her off guard, then she puts Gerald’s dick in her mouth to suck out the remaining nut. Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

Gerald grabbed his shirts and motioned me toward the door, as I pulled my shorts back up and we walked out.

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