#1 My New Home!

After a summer of first experiences at my grandmother’s house, I came back home to the Gulf. Things were now very different for me. Somehow I had been enlightened. Exposed. There was no going back. I started to notice things that I was oblivious to before, like sexual jokes or innuendos that adults would say. I was sexually woke. I guess I would say to my then self, you’re not a kid anymore.

My mom was working and doing her thing. My parents are young and we never had much and I honestly never expected much from them. It’s like you don’t know what you never had… and for me, moving house to house was just a way of life. 

This time I ended up staying with my Aunt Judy and cousin, Daron, or Scooter as we would call him. He was tall and always awkward. He is 2 years older than me and we were never that close to each other, in part because he lived in the “nice” part of town and we rarely saw each other.

When I first got there, I got the vibe that he did not want me there. Moving around a lot, I kinda felt bad because I always seemed to be in the way. I overhead Scooter arguing with my Aunt because she wanted me to share his bedroom.

That first night, I told him I could just sleep on the couch but he tried to be nice about it around me. We ended up watching Cartoon Network and I accidentally fell asleep on his bed. Halfway through sleep, I was pushed off the bed and landed on the somewhat hard floor. Apparently, he had put a pillow and blanket on the floor cause I landed on the pillow. I tried not to make a big deal out of it and just got under the blanket. I couldn’t get back to sleep because the floor was so uncomfortable. After a few minutes, I started to hear his bed make a steady squeaking sound. After the events of this summer, I knew what those squeaks were. This nigga kicked me out the bed so he could beat his meat. I wasn’t even mad at him. Just lying there on the floor I could tell he was really going at it. I could hear his breathing get louder even though I could tell he was trying not to be loud. Then all of a sudden the noise stopped. A minute later I felt something fall off the bed. The lights were off and I could hear Scooter’s light snore. I reached over and grabbed whatever fell off the bed. It was his sock and I accidentally put my finger right in his wet cum. I quickly threw the sock across the room and just laid there on the floor eventually falling back to sleep.

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  1. Def had something similar happen to me when my moms got married and my step brother came to stay with us and had to share a room with me. He would beat his meat almost every night and fucked my stuffed animals which I had a lot of large and life size stuffed animals from carnivals and shit.

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