#22 Scooter Is Mad

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After school got I went home for a few minutes but no-one was there. Then I walked down to Ashley house and knock on the door.

Where you school been out for 30 minutes – Ashley

She grabs my arm and we went back to the tent. 

Is everything ok? – me

Every since yesterday I been waiting to give you some again but my parents get home at 430. – Ashley

She wasted no time pulling out my dick. I was completely soft until she touched it. She held my dick in her hand and felt it grow to full length and girth. Then slides my foreskin back to suck on the head. The feeling was wonderful but she didn’t suck it for long before she turned around on her knees. 

My dick started to get soft. But I was still about to slide in her. The more I stroked the harder my dick got. It was more of a slow stroke. While I was fuckin her I had so many thoughts go through my head. What am I doing? Why am I here? Truth be told the only thing about Ashley that I liked was the fact that she liked me. Well, I guess that was enough and if I had to fuck her to be friends than I would. 

I was fuckin her for about 15 minutes when Scooter showed up.

Cuz!!! what you doing you smashing my puss! – Scooter

I just looked at him. I wanted to apologize but I guess I was busy smashing what belonged to him.

I tried to pull out but Ashley wouldn’t let me. So I kept going. Scooter tried to get in front of Ashley but she pushed him off. After a few tries, he sat in the corner and jacked off. While he was jacking I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick. I started fucking Ashley to the same rhythm Scooter was jacking off with. I can tell Ashley liked it because she finally started moaning and trembling again. Scooter kept stroking faster and faster and I would fuck Ashley harder and harder. My eyes were focused on Scooter as he lifts his shirt signaling the end was cumming. A few moments later he starts to grunt and cum shot out his dick like a canon. The sights of me seeing him cum get me off as I pull out just in time and exploded on her back. 

Let’s go – Scooter

Ok – me

I pull up my shorts and we walk out. As I’m leaving Ashley grabs my arms.

As you tomorrow sexy – Ashley

I can tell Scooter is ignoring me. He didn’t talk to me the entire walk home.

When we got home Scooter continues to ignore me. After doing about an hour of homework, he closes his books then pulls his shorts down and starts Jack off as if I wasn’t there.

Didn’t you just Jack off an hour ago – me

I wouldn’t have to Jack off of I had got some puss this evening – scooter

You left early this morning so I know u got some then.

Actually, I didn’t I went over there but she didn’t want me… all she could do was ask about you and why you didn’t come. It was fuckin annoying so I left her ass and ended up jacking off in the bathroom at school.

I never even considered Jack off at school. But it was weird that Ashley wanted me So bad cuz I really didn’t want her. I never even wanted to fuck her. I just didn’t want David too. It was obvious Scooter was mad so I just let him be. We hardly said a word to each other the rest of the night.

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