How did we get here?

1) Who's the new guy?

Danga  Tales

"Danga, Danga you know him?"  Jharrel asked. "Naw  but he got a nice ass though." Danga "Well, why is he walking over here?" Jharrel responded. "I don't know, I guess everybody wants some of Danga." Danga "Boy stop it." Jharrel

"Excuse me, my name is Kahlil, do you fellas know where the campus bookstore is at?" Khalil said while reaching out his hand. Both Danga  Jharrel give Khalil a fist pound. "You must not be from here," Jharrel responded "Naw I'm from California, this is my first week on campus." Khalil

"You must be a football player or something," Danga says. "Yeah, I am how you know?" Khalil "Cuz I saw your ass when you walked up here," Danga responded while his eyes glanced at Khalil's backside. "Danga stop it. The book store is near the center of campus but it's hard to find cuz it's cramped between a cafe and the admission office. Do you want me to show you?" Jharrel " If you don't mind" Khalil Jharrel stands up from the table and starts to walk with Khalil toward the bookstore leaving Danga behind.

"So how do you like it better so far? I know it's different from Cali." Jharrel ask " I mean the weather is the same except it rains a lot. I kinda miss my girl but other than that everything is cool." Khalil " Awww you miss your girlfriend. Yall trying to do the long-distance?" Jharrel " I don't know. I live here, we pretty much dated all of high school, but I got a scholarship here and she went to school in Arizona, but there are some things you can't do long distance." Khalil " I understand, everybody likes to feel body contact and to be touched, especially when you're dating someone." Jharrel " You just don't know this girl is bomb AF, cute face, thick ass, just the look of her would make you want to jizz your pants." Khalil

" Jizz your pants," Jharrel laughs " yeah you definitely not from here. But since you're a thousand miles away from your girl, it looks like you're going to be a handyman." Jharrel says while moving his plans up and down like he's jacking off. "Oh gosh, that's definitely going to be a problem," Khalil responded, sounding sad. "But hey, we're here at the bookstore. Let me see your phone." Jharrel reached his hand out and Khalil handed over his phone. "I'm texting my number from your phone. If you ever wanna hang out or need help with your problem. Text me aiight" "No doubt thanks for showing me the bookstore, I'll text you when I get settled in," Khalil said while walking into the store.

Jharrel walks back to his dorm where he notices Danga was already in the shower. Jharrel strips his clothes and lays,  completely naked, across the bed. After 10 minutes Danga exits the bathroom with a towel across his waist. “Hey Danga, can you give me a massage?” Jharrel asks, sounding like he is tired.

That is how we got here!

Danga drops his towel with his long 9-inch soft dick swinging side to side. As he walks around the bed he grabs a bottle of lotion then climbs up on the bed and straddles Jharrel's backside.

Danga rubs some lotion on his hands and starts to rub and massage Jharrel's buttocks

Until Jharrel falls asleep.

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